3/15 - HS Principals: College Grades for Courses Taken Prior to Fall 2016

High School Principals:

College Grades for Courses Taken Prior to Fall 2016

San Diego Unified's Board of Education approved offering high school graduation credit for college/university coursework taken by students on an approved college campus during the regular school day, on a high school campus during the school day, or independently at the approved college campus outside the regular school day. Concurrently enrolled students have had the option to provide a college transcript showing successful completion to our High School Registrars to be considered for district credit. Criteria and guidelines are referenced in Administrative Procedure 4322, including attachments that pertain to this procedure.

Current students who have college/university transcripts prior to Fall 2016 for courses taken at one of the approved college campuses during the regular school day or independently outside the regular school day will have until Friday, March 17, 2017, to submit their transcript to your High School Registrar. High School Registrars will have until Friday, March 24, 2017, to review criteria and transcribe course and grades onto the student’s transcript. This timeline will allow the District to apply appropriate course credit and weight type to the course taken and loaded. As a reminder, none of the courses taken prior to fall 2016 will be weighted, currently the system will initially show them as weighted. This will be adjusted by IT on the back end after March 24th.

Please share this information with your students and families to ensure the timelines are met.