3/12 Recruitment of Master Teachers for Student Teaching Program

The Teacher Preparation and Support Department is currently recruiting Master Teachers for high areas of need:
•    Special Ed.
•    Foreign Language
•    Music/Art
•    Math
•    Science (all areas)
Commission on Teacher Credentialing:  Qualifications for district employed master teachers:
•    Minimum three years content area K-12 teaching experience
•    Holds clear credential in the content area of supervision
•    Commitment to complete CTC required professional development offered by the university within 90 days of a student teacher placement:

  • 2 hours of online training to familiarize master teacher with university forms and systems.
  • 8 hours of online training regarding coaching/mentoring
(this replaces the district required training from the past)

*University shall pay Master Teachers a stipend at the completion of each semester or quarter.

Master Teacher Selection

1.    The administrator at a site will complete a Confidential Recommendation Form for identified potential master teachers. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0B3KTL8LkSRaEF2YU51dnhjZnM
2.    Teacher Prep Department will then review the recommendation. 
3.    Teacher will then be added to the district master teacher database.
4.    Matched with one of the district’s 14 university partners to work with a student teacher.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Amparo Armenta (858) 256-2710 x. 5342 or email aarmenta@sandi.net