1/9 FAST Winter Screening Window

The FAST Winter Screening Window is now open until February 22.
Below are some helpful tips and reminders:
    •    Student Instructions for administration are included on the FAST Resource Page. Click on the FAST tile in Illuminate to access this page.
    •    After students take the second screener, comparison information between the Fall and Winter screening is available in the following reports:
    ◦    Group Growth Report: (available to all users) provides an analysis of growth for a selected assessment, over a selected interval. For more info, open the report and click on the red question mark located on the right of the report. Note: FAST suggests waiting one day before reviewing results because of the nightly update that needs to run for this report.
    ◦    Impact Report: (available to all users) At the teacher level, compares risk levels of students in your class or grade. At the manager/specialist level, compares student risk level for school/district. More info can be found in the FAST Knowledge Base.
    ◦    Individual Benchmark Report: provides historical data that displays a graph with screening scores across screening periods and school years for individual students. (Available for teachers. For non-teachers to view this report: become a teacher in FAST by clicking on VIEW AS > select Specialist View. Click on VIEW AS again and select a school, grade level and teacher. Screenshots are provided on slide 11 in this PowerPoint Presentation given at the Leadership Lab on 12/5 or you can use the FAST Knowledge Base. )
    •    New students can take the universal screener at any time after they are enrolled at your site and are in FAST (typically two days from enrollment date). Note: If the test is given outside the screening windows, student scores will show up on teacher level reports, but will not be included in the local norms (group, school, district). Scores will not show in the District/School Reports.  
Questions? Contact Rachel Escobedo at rescobedo@sandi.net.