Greg K. Ottinger, Ed.D.
Chief Business Officer
4100 Normal Street, Room 2214
San Diego, CA 92103
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 TO:         Cabinet Members, Area Superintendents, Principals, Central Office Managers

FROM:     Greg K. Ottinger, Ed.D., Chief Business Officer

DATE:     January 10, 2019


Please note that the spending freeze implemented in January of 2017 will continue as we work to solve for the projected budget shortfall of $36.9M in the 2019-2020 school year. With the continuation of the freeze, the following actions remain in effect:

  1. Discretionary Spending (Resource 00000, Special Education, Early Childhood Education).  All expenditures Central Office Only, including ePro requisitions and procurement cards, at all central offices are frozen.  Any exceptions must be approved in advance in writing.  
  2. Discretionary Spending (Resource 00000) including ePro requisitions and procurement cards, at all school sites are frozen except for instructional supply or health supply orders. All other purchases or expenses must be approved in advance in writing.
  3. Out-of-District Travel, Conferences and Professional Development (Resource 00000): Out-of-district professional development, conferences and travel will be kept at an absolute minimum.  Any exceptions must be approved in advance.  
  4. Food Purchases (Resource 00000): Food purchases are only permitted for parent involvement activities.
  5. Overtime and Extra-Time Work (Resource 00000 - Central Office only): Overtime and extra-time will be limited to critical functional areas where support services to schools will be impacted in a negative manner.  Per Administrative Procedure 7426 and the applicable collective bargaining agreements, overtime and extra-time will require review and prior approval by the appropriate supervisor(s). In addition, any overtime or extra-time not related to a vacancy must be submitted for prior approval using the spending freeze waiver form. Approval is needed for central office only. Overtime or extra-time related to a vacancy should be charged to the same funding as the vacant position and therefore is not subject to the discretionary freeze.
  6. Hiring Freeze (All Resources): All non-critical vacancies will remain unfilled.  Hiring shall be frozen.  Positions in direct support to students may be filled subject to review and written approval by the Position Review Committee. Requests to fill positions will continue to be reviewed through the submission of PARs in PeopleSoft.

If you wish to request a freeze waiver, please submit details (e.g., items, unit prices, necessity) using the Google Form “Spending Freeze Waiver Request Memo.”  Prior to submitting a request, be certain you have sufficient funds available by contacting your Budget Analyst.  Link to the Spending Freeze Form 2017: https://docs.google.com/a/sandi.net/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdh3Gu7Woq13-kVlHqB...

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Foster, Executive Director, Financial Planning & Development at dfoster@sandi.net or Acacia Thede, Chief HR Officer, at athede@sandi.net.