10/4 - ACTION REQUIRED: Classroom Use Assessment Due Oct. 17

The below information will be delivered via District mail to all District elementary and secondary schools principals for immediate attention. Please alert any other appropriate staff at your site.

The 2016-17classroom use update commences on October 3.  All site administrators should look for update materials and instructions to arrive at their sites.  Materials sent via District mail include an 11”x17” colored copy of the 2015-16 classroom use floor plan(s), and updated instructions which include a link to supporting guidelines and materials (IFPD Webpage - Classroom Use Update).  
The Instructional Facilities Planning Department maintains a database of all school sites, and each year we update our records with information provided by each site administration.  We are requesting that you help us update our information to reflect your school’s 2016-17 classroom and support space use. 

For Classroom Use Update support, contact:

Jon Wreschinsky, Facilities Planner
Tel.:  (619) 725-7552

Updated floor plans and additional materials are due back to IFPD on Monday, October 17.