10/26 - ACTION REQUIRED - 2017-2018 - Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) Binder

 All School Site administrators:

Congratulations to all for your diligence in submitting your comprehensive school safety plans on time.  All plans have been submitted to School Police for approval. Now I want to remind everyone to print and compile all Comprehensive School Safety Plan documents and create your required CSSP Binder, which should be available for public viewing at your site. 

In the upcoming weeks School Police Officers will be conducting Emergency Response Box(ERB) and CSSP binder’s inspections to ensure all sites have updated information
See Admin Circular #25 excerpt below


As stated earlier, state law requires all school sites to have a final hard copy of their school CSSP in your administrative office and readily accessible in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, portions of the CSSP documents are to be made available for public viewing. School Police Services has created an electronic version of the CSSP in eTeams. The CSSP folder is located at the top of the list of schools in the left column. It is titled “1 Comprehensive School Safety Plan.” This folder contains a site administrator check off list, table of contents, 1 thru 11 criterions, and all of the Emergency & Administrative Procedures needed to create a complete CSSP. It is required that all site administrators access the CSSP folder, printout all documents and create your hard copy school site CSSP binder. This binder is not intended to replace your school site Emergency Response Box (ERB), formally referred to as Crisis Response Box (CRB). Your CSSP binder should include a final hard copy of the Public SERP pursuant to Criterion #3.

Further questions should be directed to the School Police Department’s, Safe Schools Unit:

Ricardo García                          rgarcia1@sandi.net                   

Clairemont, Crawford, Hoover, Kearny. Madison, Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch and University City clusters.                                                                                                                 

Fernando Meza                      jmeza@sandi.net                      

Henry, La Jolla, Lincoln, Mission Bay, Morse, Point Loma, San Diego and Serra clusters.