Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options

NSEO Update:  February 12, 2018

The NSEO Department will be closed from 8 am to 10 am on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

NSEO Update:  February 8, 2018

The NSEO Department will be closed from 8 am to 10 am on Friday, February 9, 2018.

NSEO Update:  February 1, 2018

PowerSchool-School Choice Managment training is available on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.  There are 2 sessions planned for new enrollment staff.  Register via ERO.

NSEO Update:  January 31, 2018

All Site Enrollment Clerks: If your school site is offering enrollment to a new student for the 2017-18 school year, please fill out the 2017-18 Enrollment Options Application available on our Related Resources page, and scan and email to Alma Diaz at  If you have any questions, please call 619 260-2410.

NSEO Update:  January 22, 2018

Approximately 11,000 Choice applications have been verified, and NSEO with IT support plans to run the lottery in mid February.  Schools can expect to have access to their seated lists sometime in the 3rd week of February.  Coming soon:  Administrative Circular regarding specific procedures for Choice enrollment. 

NSEO Update:  January 11, 2018

The 2018-19 PreK-Grade 12 Enrollment form and corresponding directions are currently being reviewed and updated by a multi departmental committee for compliance with current and new legislative requirements. It is anticipated to be published to our webpages by March 1, 2018. 

NSEO Update:  January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!  NSEO staff are currently verifying Choice applications and the Choice lottery will be conducted on or near February 15, 2018.  Parents will be notified electronically of their children's application status (accepted or waitlisted).  Parents who did not provide an email address will receive a notification via US Mail if their child was accepted. 

NSEO Update:  November 17, 2017

Our office will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from Monday, November 20 through Friday, November 24, 2017. 

NSEO Update: November 9, 2017

The Family Welcome and Enrollment Center will be open THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 fron 9:00 am-1:00 pm and hosting a Veterans Day Enrollment Options Fair!  All interested parents and staff are welcome to visit our office, enjoy light refreshments, and have their enrollment and Choice questions answered!  Parents may conveniently submit online Choice applications using our computer stations.  Early Childhood Education staff will also be available to assist with pre school enrollment questions. 

NSEO Update:  October 23, 2017

There are still many sites whose 2017-18 Choice dispositions are not current.  All enrollment staff must verify that any waitlisted pupils who were in fact enrolled are reported to NSEO by October 31, 2017. Job Aids to complete this work are available at this link:  Staff must first follow instructions in "How to Provide Access to InfoSnap Enrollment Options."  There is a 24 hour delay in gaining access to PowerSchool Enrollment Options after following instructions.  Next, staff should access "PowerSchool School Choice Managment" which assists staff in navigating Choice Seated Lists and processing Dispositions.  Please contact NSEO with questions.

NSEO Update:  October 20, 2017- Informal Site Initiated Placement (ISIP) and Pre K Priority Choice Enrollment

Please note that Informal School Initiated Placements (ISIPs) are now under the purview of NSEO.  See Site Operations Circular 1016 and the ISIP form posted on October 24, 2017.  ISIP enrollment must be approved by NSEO prior to the pupil transfer.  ISIP enrollment is temporary and the parent must apply for Choice for the pupil to continue in the following school year.  There is no sibling enrollment or Choice priority for ISIP. 

Non resident pupils enrolled in any pre school program at a school site will now have priority Choice application enrollment.  Please notify parents of pre schoolers attending any pre K program at your site who are interested in continuing at your site, that they must apply for Choice to enroll. 

NSEO Update- October 4, 2017 - Enrollment Optioins Choice Application ID#s

If a parent/guardian submits an Enrollment Options Choice Application and inputs the student's ID# on the EO Choice Application, the student ID# converts to the EO Choice Application ID#.

NSEO Update- September 20, 2017

The Choice application window for school year 2018-19 will open on October 2, 2017 and close on November 13, 2017.  Parent letter templates and flyers will be sent to site principals for distribution to families.  The 2018-19 Enrollment Guide has been published and will be mailed to all pupil addresses in PowerSchool.  Copies will also be delivered to school sites.

NSEO Update- September 18, 2017

The online Choice application for the current school year has been disabled.  If you have new to district families interested in enrollment, and your site has space available (no impact to allocations), then you may enroll new families via Choice.  The PDF is available on the Related Resources page.  Please have the parent fill out the hard copy application, print "ENROLLED" at the top, and  fax or scan completed applications to NSEO.  If the family resides out of district, an approved Interdistrict Attendance Permit is also required, and the application is available at this link:

NSEO is responsible for managing all historical enrollment data for any future inquiries.  Site enrollment staff are asked to update dispositions if they have not yet been completed.  If any waitlisted pupils were enrolled after the start of the school year, please notify NSEO so that Choice application data can be updated.  Please send the information to Irene Rodriguez at or Alma Diaz at  You may also contact Irene or Alma with any questions.

NSEO Update - August 21, 2017

Updated Administrative, Site Operations, and Information Circulars regarding school enrollment have been posted.  Please visit the 2017-18 Bulletins and Circulars page via the Staff Portal, Resources, and Administrative links.

On Friday, August 25, PowerSchool Enrollment Options wailtists will be distributed to site enrollment staff.  Staff must verify that any "walk in" potential, non-resident enrollees are not attempting to circumvent the Choice process, and are not on the Choice waitlist for your school, before enrolling.  As always, beginning on the first day of student attendance, August 28, 2017, new to district, non-resident families who have not already applied for Choice to your site may enroll at your school if there is space available, and there will be no impact to allocations.  Please fill out a 2017-18 Choice form and scan to, or fax to our office at (619) 725-7159.

NSEO Update - August 4, 2017

At the direction of the State of California Department of Justice, the 2017-18 Enrollment Form (including the InfoSnap form) has been revised to eliminate Box 7, which previously contained spaces to insert a Social Security Number.  The new form is available on the district website at: It is important that all students are provided with the Revised 2017/18 Enrollment Form.  If your school's back to school packets have already been assembled, the old form will need to be pulled and replaced with the new form.  NO ONE SHOULD RECEIVE A FORM THAT INCLUDES A SPACE TO PROVIDE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.  All old forms which contain a box for a social security number must be destroyed.  

NSEO Update - July 12, 2017

The Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office's business hours will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Effective Monday, July 17, 2017 our public access hours will be from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

NSEO Update - June 8, 2017

The Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options office located at Annex 12 at the Ed Center will be closed to the public from June 26 through July 7, 2017 for personnel transitions and training.  We will reopen to serve the public and our schools on July 10, 2017.  

InfoSnap Enrollment Update:

InfoSnap is now accessible for new to district resident pupil pre enrollment for 2017-18. See New Student Online Enrollment.

Please note that there is an issue with erroneous notifications being auto transmitted to multiple PowerUsers, which IT is addressing.  Please ignore these notifications.”

CHOICE UPDATE - May 15, 2017

We have received questions about sending the Transportation request forms to Transportation for VEEP and Magnet students. Here are guidelines:

If it is for a new student who does not have a student ID, please indicate "NEW STUDENT" on the application and Transportation will get the Student ID at a later date.  All currently enrolled district students should have a Student ID. Please send the completed request form, signed by the parent/guardian, ASAP to Transportation, Attn: Kim Richardson (Supervisor).

CHOICE UPDATE - April 14, 2017

In alignment with our district leadership goal to stabilize enrollment, budget, and staffing for 2017-18, the Choice deadlines for requesting waitlisted names remain the same:

April 14—Traditional Schools

May 5—Year Round Schools

However, as in the past, and on a case-by-case basis, if there are non-resident spaces that open up between the published deadlines and August 25 (Friday before the first day of school), schools may request additional names from the wait list.  These requests will be reviewed by NSEO and the District demographers, and barring significant impact to other sites' enrollment, waitlisted names will be released.

Additional reminder:  May 12 is the deadline for sites to submit transportation forms to the Transportation department for new VEEP and Magnet students.  Sites fill out the applications and obtain parent signatures.

CHOICE UPDATE - April 11, 2017

Most sites have completed parent contacts of Choice pupils on seated lists, and all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice names of on time applicants as well as approved late applications received to date have been released.  With the exception of New to District families or district families who have recently moved, the Choice process for 2017-18 is relatively complete.  Late applications submitted to date have been processed and added to seated or waitlists as applicable. To accommodate the Spring break schedule, we have extended the last day to request additional names from wait lists:

April 14—Traditional Schools

May 5—Year Round Schools


  1. Sites must complete dispositions of pupils before requesting additional names.  NSEO only releases waitlisted names as vacant seats occur due to decline/unable to reach/no show status.   
  2. May 12 is the deadline for sites to submit transportation forms to the Transportation department for new VEEP and Magnet students.  Sites fill out the applications and obtain parent signatures. 
  3. Please provide parents with reasonable response and enrollment timelines. 

Please contact us with any questions.



February 2017.  Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining to accessing the InfoSnap Enrollment Options workspace and the Seated Choice lists.

1.       Did the district run the lottery yet? Yes, it was run successfully on February 16.

2.       Can I get my Choice list?  Yes, you may access your list by logging into PowerSchool and then accessing InfoSnap Enrollment Options.

3.       I can’t get into InfoSnap…  Help! You must follow the instructions in the job aid. You will have to wait 24 hours to gain access to your list.

4.       Will my site be at a disadvantage with a one-day delay in getting my sites’ list?  No. Your site’s first Choice list is unique and those names will not be on any other site’s first Choice list.  

5.       How long do I have to get through my list? First Choice contacts must be made by March 10, 2017.

6.       When will parents get their acceptance letters?  This year we will send email communications to all parents who provided their email address in the application. Those without email will be sent a letter via US Mail later this week.

7.       When can I ask for extra names if I have declines?  As you receive declines, you may request additional names from your first Choice wait list. If you exhaust the wait list, you may request additional names from the second Choice wait list beginning March 13, 2017.

8.       I did not go to any training!  Help!  Job Aids for the new PowerSchool Enrollment Options are available online at: If you would like one-on-one support, you may come to the NSEO office for personal assistance. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.. 

 Due to the compressed timelines sites will have until March 20 to process their first Choice lists. 


2017-18 Preschool–Grade 12 Enrollment Form Now Available

The new printable version of the PreschoolGrade 12 Enrollment Form for 2017-18 is now available in English and Spanish on the district website at It is also available to staff for downloading and printing from the Neighborhood Schools and Enrollment Options website on the staff portal in Related Resources. The online electronic version will be available in mid May.


 Contact Information

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