Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC)


MHRC was established in 2001 pursuant to a Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant; services were successfully sustained beyond the 3-year funding period. 

MHRC branched out and entered into competitive bid contracts in order to obtain funding from San Diego County HHSA-Behavioral Health Services (BHS).  To date MHRC has been awarded nine HHSA-BHS contracts.  Contracts augment the provision of mental health treatment as well as prevention and early intervention services for SDUSD students. 

In 2011 California Assembly Bill AB2726 was repealed and replaced by AB114.  AB114 shifted educationally-related mental health service obligations from county mental health agencies to LEA’s.  The MHRC was tasked with developing and coordinating implementation of district wide procedures related to educationally related mental health assessment and service delivery.  As a result the Mental Health Related Services (MHRS) program was established. 

In addition to HHSA-BHS contracts and Special Education funding, MHRC has obtained grant funding.  Grants equally support service delivery to SDUSD youth in need of intervention and support.  



The MHRC operates the following programs:
County Behavioral Health Services contracts to provide mental health treatment (5 contracts)
County Behavioral Health Services contracts to provide prevention & early intervention services (2 contracts)
Mental Health Related Services program (mental health assessment and IEP related services)
Grant from Philanthropic Agency to provide mental health services (1 grant)

The MHRC sponsors the following MOU's to provide services on SDUSD school sites:
County Behavioral Health Services contracted agencies to provide mental health services to students with Medi-Cal insurance at 113 school sites (9 MOU's)
County Behavioral Health Services contracted agencies to provide substance use/abuse treatment services to students on 9 school sites (3 MOU's)
County Behavioral Health Services contracted agency to provide Suicide Prevention training to students/staff at 10 middle & high school sites per year (1)
Price Philanthropies MOU to provide mental health services to students at 4 elementary schools (1 MOU)

The MHRC provides the following trainings:
Youth Mental Health First Aide for SDUSD staff members (8 to 10 trainings offered per year - ERO)
How to Access Mental Health Services
Note: The MHRC is working on implementing a training on Supporting Youth with MH Diagnosis in the Classroom

*NOTE:  click on SDUSD MHRC Programs tab on the left hand side menu of the MHRC home page to obtain a list of MHRC program descriptions and contact information.


Mission Statement

The Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC) provides comprehensive child and adolescent mental health services.

Our programs are child and family centered, culturally sensitive, and strengths-based.  Services are offered at schools and in the community to ensure greatest access.

MHRC focuses on prevention, early identification of mental health issues, and interventions which promote social-emotional functioning, raise achievement, increase attendance and improve behavior.  Assessment, treatment and case management are available for students in all grade levels.


MHRC Website FAQ's:

1) Who can I call during a mental health emergency that occur while at home or community:

     A. Click on After Hour: Mental Health Emergency Procedures on navigation page.

2) What programs are provided by the SDUSD MHRC personnel? How can students access these programs:

     A. Click on MHRC Programs

3) Who are the EPSDT/Medi-Cal Providers on school campuses? How can these programs/services be accessed?

     A.  Click on SchooLink BHS link for a list of providers/schools and directions related to accessing services at school sites.

4) Students with substance use/abuse needs?

     A.  Click on Teen Recovery Centers link

5) Where can I find District Emergency Procedures (EP-10 & EP 11)

     A. Click on District Emergency Procedures.