Software Price List

Software Purchasing Buyer:

Mark Floyd
Phone: 858-522-5815
Fax: 619-542-5767


Please Read this Important Notice with New Procedure -
“To obtain Adobe license string(s) for installation, the end-user or administrator MUST e-mail Mark Floyd in Purchasing with the requisition number submitted. He will then reply with the license string(s). Please note: The license string(s) will no longer be sent out automatically for audit and security reasons”.


Vendor: Sunburst Digital, Inc.
Lyla Blanchard
Curriculum Software Advisor
800.321.7511 x3263
QUOTE # San Diego USD - 2-8-13 - Inspiration 9
Price (valid through March 2013. Contact vendor for new quote.
$16.00 each 20-49 licenses (IS91-S-VL20)
$14.00 each 50-99 licenses (IS91-S-VL50)
$12.00 each 100-499 licenses (IS91-S-VL100)
Upgrade to Version 9:
$13.44 each 20-49 licenses (IO837 IS90-US-VLU20)
$11.76 each 50-99 licenses (IO837 IS90-US-VLU50)
$10.08 each 100-499 licenses (IO837 IS90-US-VLU100)

Contact vendor above

  • InspireData
  • Contact vendor above
(a San Diego based company)

Carolyn Keeney Daly - Regional Sales Manager
Tech4Learning, Inc
10981 San Diego Mission Rd Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92108
Toll Free 800-961-9514
Fax 619-283-8176

Imagination Suites (Software Bundles)- Pick any 3 software titles to create your own customized Suite. Eligible products include;
Pixie, ImageBlender, WebBlender, Frames and Twist

Individualized Software
  • Pixie - Paint pictures and edit images with stickers, effects, and shapes. Curriculum activities for Houghton Mifflin texts included.  The Kid Pix alternative.
  • WebBlender- Easy Web-authoring tool for students and teachers. 
  • Frames– Stop-motion animation program.
  • Twist- Vector Based Drawing and Illustration 
  • Recipes for Success School License- Step-by-step, leveled software and OS basic tutorials you can view online or print. Some of the titles include Microsoft Office, Inspiration, iMovie, and more.
Apple, Inc.

Vendor: Apple, Inc.
Melissa Jackson
You can now purchase single licenses for computers with a purchase order. You will purchase through ePro and download at the Mac App store. This is not for iPads.
D6106Z/A - OSX Lion Single Unit License - $29.99
D6108Z/A - OSX Lion Server Single Unit License - $49.99
D6102Z/A - iPhoto Single Unit License - $14.99
D6103Z/A - iMovie Single Unit License - $14.99
D6104Z/A - Garage Band Single Unit License - $14.99
D6099Z/A - Keynote Single Unit License - $19.99
D6100Z/A - Numbers Single Unit License - $19.99 
D6101Z/A - Pages Single Unit License - $19.99
D6110Z/A - Motion 5 Single Unit License - $19.99 
D6111Z/A - Compressor4 Single Unit License - $49.99
D6098Z/A - Aperture Single Unit License - $49.99
D6105Z/A - ARD Single Unit License - $79.99
D6109Z/A - Final Cut Pro Single Unit License - $299.99