Updating Your iPads to the Latest iOS

It is the San Diego Unified School District’s goal to have every iPad upgraded to iOS 9. The steps outlined below will assist in the upgrade. For a PDF of these steps, please click here: Updating Your iPad to iOS 9


Due to bandwidth considerations, please limit your updates to 5 devices at a time. The download and install process may take up to 20 minutes to complete.


1.   Make sure the device has at least 50% battery charge or the install won’t run.




2.   Check the iPad’s current iOS version. If it is lower than iOS 9, run the update.


a.   Go to Settings > General > About > Version


3.   Update the iOS to the latest version.


a.   Go to Settings > General > Software Update


4.   Select “Download and Install.”


a.   Note: It’s possible that the latest version of the iOS has already been downloaded to the iPad. In this case, simply select “Install.”



5.   Accept the Terms and Conditions prompt by selecting “Agree.”


a.   The iOS update will start downloading and installing (may take up to 20 minutes to complete).



6.   When the “Hello” prompt appears, swipe “slide to set up.”


7.   When the “Update Completed” prompt appears, select “Continue.”


8.   If asked about Location Services, select “Disable Location Services.”


9.   If asked for your Apple ID and Password, please enter the following:


a.   Year 3 iPads

·         Apple ID: Cart Apple ID

·         Password: Cart Password

b.   Year 4 iPads:

·         Apple ID: iosdevice-serial#@sandi.net

·         Password: 4AppDownload (Case Sensitive)


10.  If asked about iCloud, select “Don’t Use iCloud.”


11.   If asked about a passcode, select “Don’t Add Passcode.”



12.  When the Welcome to iPad Screen appears, select “Get Started.”



13.   The Screen will return to the main (home) screen.