Purchasing Apps

There are two kinds of Apps that can be purchased:

  1. Free
  2. Paid
Regardless of whether they are Free or Paid, all Apps are "purchased" and installed to the iPads in the cart through the Mobile Device Manager (MDM). Please consult the MDM User Guide for more information:



Purchasing Free Apps

Free Apps


Before you can install any app (free or paid) on an iPad with Managed Distribution, it must first have a license associated with an MD Service token. There are separate service tokens for Free Apps vs. Paid Apps, but all apps must be associated with one of these tokens.

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the MDM User Guide for installing a free app.
  2. If the app you want to install is not on the Free Apps list, then click HERE to submit a request to have the app associated with the Free App MD Service token.
  3. You will be notified when the app has been associated with the Free App MD Service token and is available for installation. Please allow up to 5 business days for this process to be completed.

**Each Year 4+ Student iPad now has its own unique Apple ID with one common district password.  The password can be located at https://www.sandi.net/staff/integrated-technology-support-services-itss/district-itunes-password.


Purchasing Paid Apps 

Paid Apps

Purchasing apps for a school is different from buying apps for a personal iPad. When buying Apps for district iPads, an App must be purchased for every iPad that the App will be installed on. Through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), the District receives a 50% discount on most Apps purchased in quantities of 20 or more at the time of purchase.

To look for apps and pricing, please go to the online VPP store. You do not need to log in. Just type in the name of the app or a keyword in the search field.

You cannot use personal funds or iTunes gift cards for purchasing district apps.
The iPad user is responsible for adhering to the App specific license agreement.
Please follow the steps outlined below to purchase PAID Apps for ALL iPads.

Considerations Before Purchase

  • Music, and Movies are not available for purchase.
  • Users should not purchase an App that has an “in App upgrade” method. An example of this is an App that is sold with limited functionality for .99 cents then re-quires you to upgrade for full functionality at a higher cost.
  • The ITSS department cannot guarantee that an App will work on our network. Many apps are designed to operate on home networks that do not have restrictions to the Internet. We recommend that before purchasing the App in bulk, a copy be downloaded and tested. If it fails to function as designed, open an ITSS service request via our help desk at (619) 209-HELP (4357) for investigation of application compatibility. 

Warning  Warning

Applications purchased with district funds are the property of the district and shall only be purchased with a district issued iTunes account. Using district funds to purchase apps or redemption codes for personal iTunes accounts or personal iPad devices is prohibited.

Step 1: Contact Ed Tech to Set up an iTunes Account for Your Site

Before you are able to purchase apps for your site, an account must be created. Contact Susan Levine at slevine@sandi.net to establish this account. You will need to include this account information on your requisition whenever you purchase VPP credits.

Step 2: Purchase VPP Credit in e-Pro

Credits can be purchased for the exact dollar amount needed to purchase the desired App(s). For example, if you wish to purchase 35 App licenses or codes at $2.99 each, then you would purchase a credit in the amount of $104.65.

Step 3: Send the App Information to Ed Tech

After submitting the requisition, email Susan Levine at slevine@sandi.net with the name of the App, the developer of the App, and the quantity of the App(s) you want to buy. Please indicate whether you would like these to be redeemed as codes (Y3 iPads) or as licenses (Y4+ iPads), and the quantity of each. Susan will process your App purchase through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) and notify you when the App licenses and/or codes are available for you to redeem through MDM. 

Step 4: Redeem VPP Codes or Licenses in MDM

Follow the steps outlined in the appropriate MDM Quick Start Guide (linked above) to install Paid Apps through Mobile Device Manager.
Y3: Before you can install an app, you must first have associated codes to redeem in MDM.
Y4+: Before you can install an app with Managed Distribution, it must first have a license associated with an MD Service token.