iPads for Principals

Purchasing Apps on a Principal iPad ONLY

There are two kinds of Apps:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Free Apps

Free Apps
  1. Log in to your Principal District iTunes account in Settings on your iPad
  2. Open the App Store App on the iPad
  3. Find the free App you wish install on your iPad
  4. Tap on install
  5. If prompted, enter the password for your Principal District iTunes account.
  6. The App will install 


Paid Apps 

Paid Apps
The district uses the Apple Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) and voucher redemption process for purchasing of Apps. This is different from buying Apps for a personal iPad. The benefit of using the VPP is that the District receives a discount on most Apps purchased in quantities of 20 or more at the time of purchase.

When buying Apps for district iPads, an App must be purchased for every iPad that the App will be installed on. That means if an App costs $1.99 and it is going to go on 34 iPads, the total cost will be $67.66. (Apps are not subject to sales tax).
The iPad user is responsible for adhering to the App specific license agreement.

Considerations Before Purchase

  • Books, Music, and Movies are not available for purchase.
  • Users should not purchase an App that has an “in App upgrade” method. An example of this is an App that is sold with limited functionality for .99 cents then re-quires you to upgrade for full functionality at a higher cost.
  • The ITSS department cannot guarantee that an App will work on our network. Many apps are designed to operate on home networks that do not have restrictions to the Internet. We recommend that before purchasing the App in bulk, a copy be downloaded and tested. If it fails to function as designed, open an ITSS service request via our help desk at (619) 209-HELP (4357) for investigation of application compatibility. 

Warning  Warning

Applications purchased with district funds are the property of the district and shall only be purchased with a district issued iTunes. Using district funds to purchase apps or redemption codes for personal iTunes accounts or personal iPad devices is prohibited.

Step 1: Purchase an iTunes voucher in e-Pro

Vouchers come in 4 denominations
  • $100 (part #MC758LL/A)
  • $500 (part #MC759LL/A)
  • $1,000 (part #MC760LL/A)
  • $5,000 (part #MC761LL/A)

Step 2: Notify IT 

After purchasing the vouchers, contact Susan Levine at slevine@sandi.net . Susan will process the vouchers through the Apple Volume Purchasing Program and provide you with VPP redeem code(s) for the App(s) purchased.

Step 3: Redeem VPP Codes 

With the VPP redeem code(s) in hand, log in to your Principal District iTunes Account in Settings on your iPad
  1. Tap on the App Store App to open the store
  2. Select Fetured at the bottom of the screen
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Redeem (your Apple ID will be displayed to the right of the redeem button)
  4. Enter in the VPP code(s) for the App(s)
  5. Tap Redeem
  6. If prompted, enter the password for your district iTunes account. 

iPad Setup Information for Principals

  1. San Diego Unified iPad Enter default passcode "helpme"
  2. Install MDM profile
    1. Open Safari and go to http://lsmdm.com/x8b
    2. If prompted login with district id
    3. Tap "Install Profile"
    4. Tap "Install"
    5. Enter default passcode "helpme"
    6. Tap "Install Now"
    7. Tap "Install"
    8. Tap "Done"
  3. Press home button
  4. After approximately 90 second two icons (Install InForm and Setup Exchange) will appear on the right most home screen
  5. Configure Exchange
    1. Tap "Setup Email" on right most home screen
    2. Tap "Install"
    3. Tap "Install Now"
    4. Enter the passcode previously set
    5. Enter your email address and tap "Next"
    6. Enter your username in sdcs\##### format and tap "Next"
    7. Enter your password and tap "Next"
    8. Tap "Done"
  6. Press Home button
  7. Install InForm
    1. Tap "Install InForm" on right most home screen
    2. Tap "Install"
    3. Tap "InForm" on right most home screen
    4. Tap "Continue" to launch app
    5. Tap "OK" to allow push notifications
  8. iPad setup is complete