Integrated Technology Staff

The Integrated Technology Division is comprised of approximately 100 staff members who contribute a broad range of expertise required to support the vast technical infrastructure of the district. All of ITSS's non-supervisory staff belong to one of two bargaining units, Operations-Support Services (OSS) or Office-Technical and Business Services (OTBS).

Integrated Technology Leadership Team




Toren Allen


Executive Director  

PeopleSoft Applications, SIS, Business Intelligence, Database Systems, Software Security, and Transportation Systems

Dao Nguyen

Confidential Administrative Assistant II


Michelle Jimenez

Administrative Assistant II


Ron Rode


Research and Development

Julie Garcia

Program Manager

Instructional Technology

Jessica Youngs      

Systems Development Coordinator

PeopleSoft Applications and Database Systems

Paul Gustafson

Database Coordinator

DB Support and Software Security

Gary Altstadt

Business Intelligence Coordinator

Business Intelligence Applications and Development

Tyler Rudolph

Software Systems Coordinator    

Software Systems Analysts and Computer Room Operations

Sandra Arellano

Software Systems Coordinator

Data and Telecommunications

Scott Kovacik

IT Supervisor

Computer Repair Technicians, Integrated Classroom Technology Support Technicians

Stevan White

IT Supervisor

Help Desk

Graham Hellewell

Systems Development Coordinator 

Student System (PowerSchool)