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 Integrated Technology- Frequently Asked Questions

The San Diego Unified School District is a nationally recognized leader who is committed to the integration of technology in support of each and every student along with district operations.  The Integrated Technology Division is proud to serve the district and further the Division's goal of becoming the finest PK-12 technology support organization in the world.  Part of realizing this goal is continual refinement and efficiency seeking.  We're making significant shifts for the 2017-2018 school year that are intended to improve service to all sites and the district office.  As we make these shifts, we wanted to share a list of frequently asked questions regarding our support models for 2017-2018 and beyond.  We will update this list as more information becomes available.

NEW Q: How should IT equipment be handled during summer cleaning?
A: Each year, the ITSS Department and Educational Technology Department post guidelines and procedures to follow in order to enable a smooth opening of the school year for sites and departments.  This effort included technicians from our department visiting i21 Classrooms prior to school opening to triage and assist with Promethean Board and classroom printer issues.
Recent funding changes have deeply impacted our resources that provide technical support visits at sites for i21 classroom and front office needs.  We are working diligently to evaluate all aspects of our models and methods of support as we prepare for the 2017-2018 school year based on these staffing and funding changes.  While we work out our new models of support within Integrated Technology, in order to maintain as smooth an opening as possible at sites this next school year, the following procedures are encouraged for sites to ready themselves come August 28th, as our reduction in force will impact timely response times for on-site service:
  • Printers:  Do not unplug or turn off printers.  Any cleaning of classrooms must avoid unplugging and moving these devices, as they will become unavailable for use over the network.
  • Promethean Boards: Do not unplug or detach any associated wiring.  Any cleaning of classrooms must avoid unplugging and/or moving these devices, as they may affect their operability.
  • Front Offices: Whenever possible, leave all computers, printers, and cables attached and in place.  When cleaning of front offices, where detachment and/or other movement is unavoidable, staff must take into account how the devices were originally connected in order to self-reconnect them.  Failure to do so may delay office staff from being able to perform their duties.
Q: What should we expect from the Integrated Technology Division (new name) in 2017-2018 and beyond?
A: The Integrated Technology division will provide exceptional support and services to all students and adults across the district in 2017-2018.  We're currently working with stakeholders across the organization to ensure we help create the conditions that allow students to unlock their genius.  We will continue to update this site as details can be shared and we appreciate your partnership.
Q: How will services change for the 2017-2018 school year?
A: The largest service model change will involve the support of computers.  For laptops and desktops, the District is embarking on a strategic approach to equip every student and staff member with a modern computing device.  Overall technological advances and decreasing device costs have created a reality in which replacing an out-of-warranty device is typically more economical than repair.  These cost saving measures will both improve productivity through more reliable equipment and preserve precious dollars that can be redistributed for greater student benefit.
Q: What departments fall under the Integrated Technology Division?
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Instructional Technology (Formerly Educational Technology)
  • Research and Evaluation (Formerly Data and Analysis)
Q: Which digital services are sun-setting June 30, 2017?
A: Based on careful analysis of metrics and usage patterns aligned with financial implications and perceived impact on outcomes for students, the following services will sunset and no longer be available on June 30, 2017. 
  • Safari Montage - Updated Instructions: Please visit this link for updated instructions on how to download teacher content from Safari Montage.

  • My.Sandi.Net - For additional information, please visit:

  • NBC Learn
Q: What can I do to help my computer function better?
A: One of the best things you can do is to cleanup your old files and folders.  Personal music, photos and video often fill up available storage space on your computer or My Documents folder.  Moving these to a personal flash drive or to online storage and off your work computer will both protect your important personal files, but also help your computer to run more efficiently.  For additional information please visit:
  • Home Folder Cleanup for Staff and Students:

  • Staff and Student File Stoarge - Updated Instructions: Please visit this link for updated instructions on how to move files from District storage to Google Drive or Office 365 OneDrive Folders.

Q: Who do I call for support when I have an issue with my computer?
A: You will continue to call the Help Desk number for support with all technical issues.  HELP DESK: 619.209.4357
Q: Who do I call for support when I have an issue with my Promethean Board?
A: You will continue to call the Help Desk for support with all technical issues.  HELP DESK: 619.209.4357
Q: Will my i21 devices be refreshed in 2017-2018?
A: i21 Devices will continue to be refreshed on a yearly cycle.  The schedule for past and proposed rollouts can be found by clicking HERE.
Q: What is the role of the EdTech department next year?
A: The EdTech team is being re-shaped and re-named to Instructional Technology.  The work of the Instructional Technology department will focus on Student Centered Coaching Cycles in close cooperation with the District's overall Green Team approach in each area.  The "stand and deliver" professional development model is shifting to a job-embedded approach that measures direct positive impact on student achievement.
Q: Are we changing Learning Management Systems?
A: The Integrated Technology Division believes that teachers should use the tools and resources they believe will help move each and every student into the sphere of success based on the delivery of guaranteed and viable curriculum, common formative assessments and Professional Learning Communities.  There are several excellent Learning Management Systems on the open market (Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Haiku, etc.).  As a District, we are able to provide roster and gradebook integration for Canvas and Google Classroom is part of the District's Google Suite of applications.
Q: How will site based support (NSMST) be given the tools/information needed to help reduce IT related downtime at school sites?
A: We're pleased to share that new procedures are in place and under development to ensure site technicians have significantly increased access to the tools and resources needed to keep all students and staff up-to-date and with access to their technological resources.
Q: My students want to move their files from the district folders their Google Drive.  Is that OK?
A: Absolutely.  We are encouraging all students and staff to consider moving their files from the network drives to either the district's (not personal) Google Drive or Office 365 OneDrive folders. 
  • Staff and Student File Storage- Updated Instructions:  Please visit this link for updated instructions on how to move files from District storage to Google Drive or OneDrive folders.

Q: Is the central office IT going to supply sites with peripherals and consumables such as printer toner, batteries, VGA cables, dongles, mice, keyboards, etc.?
A: Similar to other office/productivity supplies, these supplemental or consumable materials are best funded by individual sites.  The IT division will be sharing recommended items that can be ordered with a P-Card which we recommend for faster hassle free purchasing of small dollar items.  PeopleSoft Direct Connect with one of the Districts Direct Connect vendors (e.g. Office Solutions or Office Depot) or a Special Request ePro can also be used.
Q: Will I have access to my email and files after leaving the District on June 30, 2017?
A: No, once you separate from the district, you will no longer have access.
We want to remind those of you whose last day with the District is June 30th, that your account will become inactive as of July 1, 2017.  This means that you will not have access to your email or District files.  Here are some things we recommend you do in the next few weeks as you prepare to leave.
  • Set up an Out of Office message in your email with directions on who to contact in your absence.
  • Clean and delete old emails that will no longer be needed.
  • Clean up and delete old files and folders in your My Documents and Downloads folders.
  • Gather important files for ongoing work into folders and copy them to your department or site's shared folder (this is commonly called the "M" drive, but may appear as the "P" drive)
  • Login to PeopleSoft HCM and print your pay advices.
Q: What should I do if I forget my password over the summer?
A: As summer approaches, we would like to congratulate everyone on another very successful academic school year!
We know you are all in the process of winding down for the summer, but the Help Desk would like to suggest something that can really help everyone hit the ground running when we start our next great school year:

Change your password and Save it for Fall

Did you know that you can use a self-service website to change your password?  Here is the link:

You can also call the Help Desk at: 619.209.4357

If you change your password now, jot it down and keep it in a safe place.  You'll be ready to log in when the new school year starts!

To request to add questions to this FAQ list, please email the Executive Director of Integrated Technology, Greg Ottinger at