Elementary School Instructional Materials Order Forms


Use the forms below to request district-adopted core instructional materials for schools with elementary grades K-6. 

Due to the high volume of orders being processed for the start of school, same day pick-ups and next day deliveries may delayed.  The Instructional Materials Office staff will notify the order originator when a pick-up order has been filled and is ready for pick-up from the IMC Warehouse loading dock.  We will do our best to notify you if your delivery order has been delayed as well.

  • Requests for these materials are processed in the order they are received.  Same day pick-ups or next day deliveries must be submitted no later than 12:00 PM (Noon) to ensure adequate time to pull and stage the order for pick-up or next day delivery. 
  • IMC Warehouse hours for pick-up of instructional material are 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. 
  • Students in combo classes are to be issued materials for their grade level.
 To order district-adopted student materials:

Grade K - English Versions  

Grade 1 -  English Versions Grade 1 - Spanish Versions
Grade 2 - English Versions Grade 2 - Spanish Versions
Grade 3 - English VersionsGrade 3 - Spanish Versions
Grade 4 -  English VersionsGrade 4 - Spanish Versions
Grade 5 - English VersionsGrade 5 - Spanish Versions
Grade 6 - English Versions 
  • FOSS Science Kit Order Form  - After receiving your initial distribution of FOSS science kits for each rotation, if you find you need additional kits to provide one kit to each teacher, please submit this form. 
  • New Teacher Materials Order Form -  District-adopted and select centrally funded teacher materials can be requested for new classroom teachers.  These teaching resources are centrally funded when there is an overall increase in teacher counts from the previous year.  Reconfigurations without an overall increase in total teachers do not qualify for centrally funded teacher material.  Combination classes can only request one grade level of teacher materials.  This is because the quantity provided by the publishers only covers ratios of 24 students to 1 teacher at grades K-3 and 30 to 1 at grades 4 & 5.
  •  Use this form to request additional Lucy Calkins Writing and Reading Units of Study and Continuum of Literacy Learning.
Online access to Envision Math 2.0 for all grades is available through the PowerTeacher application in PowerSchool.
Questions about ordering?  Please email them to: instmatlmail@sandi.net