Certification of Sufficient Textbooks and Instructional Materials

Every school in San Diego Unified School District must provide each pupil with district-adopted or approved textbooks and/or instructional materials in core subject areas no later than the 4th week of school each year.  California State Education Code requires each school district's Board of Education to hold a public hearing and certify there are sufficient textbooks and/or instructional materials no later than the 8th week of school.  The documents included in this section are to be used by all district schools not subject to a Williams visit by the San Diego County Office of Education in the 2018-19 school year.   Schools requiring a Williams audit by the County Office of Education should refer to our website for  Williams Visited Schools.  The following is a list of  Williams Visited Sites .
 Please review and complete the applicable administrative circular listed below:
As outlined in the associated administrative circulars, it is necessary to read and complete each document and submit the required Principal Certification form to the Instructional Materials Office by September 14, 2018

Uniform Complaint Classroom Postings to be displayed in each classroom and Uniform Complaint Forms for parents wishing to file a complaint relating to Williams legislation:
Classroom Notices (updated 7/2016) -Posted in Every Classroom and in the Front Office.
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Uniform Complaint Forms (updated 8/2016) -Must be available in Front Office


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Williams Coordinator & Instructional Materials 

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Brian Ehms
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Teacher Assignment

Kristen McGinn
Human Resource Services Supervisor
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SARC (School Accountability Report Cards)

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Planning Analyst

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Uniform Complaint


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