Art Room at the IMC Offers

Available at the Art Room @ the IMC  

Laminating Machines:  25" & 27" wide
Price: 30 cents per foot

laminating machine 

* Poster Machine (Enlarger): 
  You can enlarge your  8.5" x 11" original to 17" x 22" or 23" x 31". 
  Price:  17" x 22"  ($3.00)   &   23" x 31" ($4.50)      Banner ($1.50 per Foot)

 *Mono color printing. 
Available in: black on white, blue on white, red on white, green on white, purple on white, and maroon on white.  Also available:  black on florescent pink, black on florescent yellow, black on florescent orange, and black on florescent red.  same price.   For the better result, please choose thick clear fonts and line drawings in black and white.  Shadows and colors might not turn out well.

poster machine 

  Mini Shape Punches For cardstock & copy paper use only - no construction paper, please.