Induction Program (formerly BTSA)

All California teachers with a preliminary credential are required to earn a clear teaching credential within a five year period through a Commission-approved induction program.

San Diego Unified Induction Program is designed to:

  • fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist Credentials
  • take the place of graduate level university coursework
  • support a smooth transition from teacher preparation into the complex responsibilities of teaching
  • provide opportunities for beginning teachers to expand and deepen their teaching knowledge and skills

Our program is provided free of charge to all eligible district employees who need to clear a:

  • Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential
  • Preliminary Single Subject Credential
  • Preliminary Education Specialist Credential

This two-year program of professional education is composed of individual support and formative assessment aligned with:

  • the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • California Induction Standards
  • California Academic Content Standards

Please log on to our program website to:

  • learn more about San Diego Unified Induction Program
  • determine your eligibility to participate
  • enroll in our program