Illuminate DnA (Data and Assessment)

Integrated Technology Division (IT)
Research and Evaluation Department (RED)



Click here to login to Illuminate.
  • Illuminate is an intuitive and robust web-based data and assessment management system that allows users to view, disaggregate, and analyze student assessment data to inform instruction.
  • Lightning Grader is the companion software tool that allows school sites to scan answer (bubble) sheets with constructed response type answers using a document camera such as our district's Samsung 860 document camera or the integrated camera on the Teacher Tablet PC or machine scanned. Scanned bubbled answers are immediately available for analysis while constructed response answers are immediately available for scanning. Job aids with instructions are available on the Resources page.
  • Online Testing is available with Illuminate. Tests can be created using the Itembank or by manually creating test questions. Common Core aligned premade tests are also available that can be customized to match teacher instructions. See the Resources page for more information.

Access to Illuminate

  • Teachers with students rostered to them automatically have access to Illuminate.
  • For staff that do not have students rostered to them (counselors, administrators, resource teachers, etc), access is provided via PowerSchool by the Power User with the permission of the principal. This method provides access to all Illuminate student data at the school site. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • After logging into Illuminate, the Tile page opens. (If you've used the Dashboard page, that may open instead. To view the Tile page, click on the Illuminate logo in the upper left. To view the Dashboard again, click on "Dashboard" in the upper right.) The Tile page has tiles with links to pages in Illuminate. You can also add your own links to pages inside and OUTSIDE of Illuminate. The Dashboard is also customizable. You will find widgets ("boxes" of information) on the Dashboard. You can add, move, rename and remove widgets. See the Help page to find instructions on how to do these things.