Illuminate DnA (Data and Assessment)

Office of Leadership and Learning
Instructional Data Support Department


PRINTING/SCANNING ALERT!  (as of 11/2014) - click on Troubleshooting Tips on the left sidebar for more information.

Click here to login to Illuminate.
  • To login, use your Employee ID for the username and your district password for the password. If you have access to more than one school, select the desired school. If you're not familiar with using Illuminate, review the information on the Getting Started page on the left sidebar.
  • Illuminate is the replacement for DataDirector. It is an intuitive and robust web-based data and assessment management system that allows users to view, disaggregate, and analyze student assessment data to inform instruction.
  • GradeCam is the companion software tool that allows school sites to scan answer (bubble) sheets using a document camera such as our district's Samsung 860 document camera or the integrated camera on the Teacher Tablet PC. Scanned answers are immediately available for analysis.

Access to Illuminate

  • You have the same access in Illuminate that you had in DataDirector.
  • Teachers with students rostered to them automatically have access to Illuminate.
  • For staff that do not have students rostered to them (counselors, administrators, resource teachers, etc), access is provided via PowerSchool by the Power User with the permission of the principal. This method provides access to all Illuminate student data at the school site. Step-by-step instructions are located on the Job Aids page on the left sidebar.
  • After logging into Illuminate, the Dashboard page opens. On this customizable page, you will find "boxes" of information called widgets. You can add, move, rename and remove widgets. One of the default widgets that you will find very helpful is the "Favorites". This widget lists any current district report or assessment that may be useful to you (make sure the "District Favorites" button is not grayed out). Click on the Title column heading to sort by title. You can view up to 100 titles by changing the number in the Show drop down box. Directions on how to access reports in the Favorites is on the Reports page on the left sidebar.
  • Please direct questions for help on using Illuminate to or call 949-242-0343. Please direct district related questions such as requests for specific reports or concerns with the district data to