Professional Development and Support Plan

Professional Development and Support Plan Flow Chart

The i21 professional development and support plan is based upon a review of other large-scale school district implementations as well as available research on the best ways to prepare teachers to use technology for impacting student learning. This plan utilizes a multi-phased systematic approach designed to provide teachers a professional development sequence that is closely connected to the work of the classroom grade or course and develops a sustaining level of support and capacity at each school site. The i21 plan’s five key components:

I.21stCentury Leadership (Ongoing)

Focus on the 21st century vision for district schools and classrooms by site and district management. Targeted professional development opportunities for school leaders building 21st century learning environments and implementing i21 interactive classrooms will be offered.

II.i21 Vision/Foundation Training for i21 Teachers and New Administrators

All new i21 teachers experience the i21Vision workshop.Conducted in an i21classroom, teachers and administrators experience a hands-on introduction to the i21 classroom environment. The first in a series of foundation training and support workshops, teachers and new site administrators begin a professional development sequence to use all the i21 technology as an integrated part of the daily teaching and learning.

III.Curriculum Focused Professional Development for i21 Teachers

Curriculum focused professional development begins with the student device implementation. Having all the components of the i21 classroom in place, i21 teachers will work to fully implement the i21 vision with rigorous, creative, interactive lessons built around content area frameworks and“just in time” formative assessment using ActivEngage.

IV. i21 Digital Teacher Leader Professional Development

One i21 teacher is recommended from each site to participate in the i21 Digital Teacher Leader certification program.  i21 Digital Teacher Leaders will work in concert with Ed Tech Resource Teachers to build capacity at their school site.

V.Site Supports and Capacity Building

An organized and coordinated network of on-site classroom support that scales and sustains for academic success at each school site as grade and content area implementation phases begin.  The i21 Digital Teacher Leader initiative, the implementation of common core standards, and the ISTE NETS, are key components.

VI.Review and Evaluation Plan

Review of i21 Interactive Classrooms assesses the technology implementation through; online surveys of teachers and administrators, observation rubrics/check lists (SAMR model), and student surveys.  ITSS support teams work collaboratively with principals and teachers to assess i21interactive classroom implementation.

VII.Update of i21 Classroom Professional Development Plan

Based on feedback during the Review and Evaluation process, the i21 Classroom Professional Development plan will be modified each summer for the following year to reflect the needs of i21 program.

VIII.School Site Plan Integration

School sites are encouraged to implement school site plans that support the i21interactive classroom initiative, common core integration,  ISTE NETS, and collaboration with district resources.