ISTE Standards

Goals for Student Achievement
As part of the Board's overall Governance Policies, three Goals for Student Achievement (GSA 2,3, 4)  guide the district focus on students.  The Superintendent is actively working with the Board and academic leadership to adopt concrete actions to meet these achievement goals for all students.    

GSA 2  establishes the overarching goal  for: "Students to be critical and creative thinkers, able to integrate and apply their knowledge, skills and interests."

It also sets the goal of a minimum of one year growth for each student in each academic year.  It is the Board's expectation that the district will implement programs that will give all students skills and knowledge in four core areas; English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  

In addition it establishes that all students will be able to communicate in at least two languages and have an understanding of the arts and the use of technology (GSA 2.6) in the learning process and the workplace.