Instructional Technology Contacts

Thank you for contacting our department with your request.  The primary focus of the Instructional Technology Department is to work alongside teachers, students, and peers from other instructional departments at the school sites, embedded into student centered coaching cycles.


  • If you are requesting technical support, please contact the Help Desk at 619-209-4357.


  • If you are seeking tutorials on the integration of technology, please see the District’s RELY page for examples and best practices from across the district.


  • If you have other questions related to an instructional practice or specific application that can be integrated into teaching and learning, please let us know here. We will seek topics that are in high demand and investigate possible ways to provide supports across the entire district through an equity lens.

Contact Us:


  Julie Garcia

  Program Manager




Dan Blanton

Resource Teacher

Dana Faccio

Resource Teacher

Lauren Leathers

Resource Teacher

Pamela Rabin

Resource Teacher

Cheryl Steinemann

Resource Teacher

Claudja Van Orden

Resource Teacher




Miguel Rodriquez

Microcomputer Applications Training Specialist 




Tim Betteridge

Administrative Assistant