Maternity Leave Process

Employee is entitled to utilize sick leave for the time she is unable to work due to her pregnancy/childbirth; typically, this is a 6-8 week period. A doctor’s
authorization is required. The duration of this sick leave depends upon the doctor’s release.

During the period of absence, employee submits sick leave cards, signed by her physician, to the site/work location. One card is submitted per month (to the

site) following the payroll timelines (16th to the 15th of each month).

After the doctor’s full medical release, employee may return to work or request one or more of the following unpaid leaves of absence:

  • Family Medical Care Leave
    12 workweeks within a 12-month period without pay; benefits are paid (refer to Leave of Absence Request Form, side two).

  • Long Term Leave of Absence
    Only permanent and probationary employees may request a long-term parental leave of absence (without paid benefits) for the balance of a calendar or academic school year. This may be extended from year to year for a period not to exceed two additional calendar years for classified employees; three additional academic school years for certificated.
All Forms must be submitted to
Human Resources
Eugene Brucker Education Center
Room 1241
FAX# (619) 296-7522