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The IT Help Desk website is currently undergoing construction and updates.  Please check back regularly for updated content and news.



We are pleased to announce a new service that allows interested users to quickly gather information regarding the status (up or down) of a district system or service (PowerSchool, Email, etc.).  This service displays a listing of widely-used district systems and depicts their current and historical status information.  Additionally, there is an associated Blog with more detailed information.  Please visit the blog link on the status page for more information on daily news and updates.  Since this system is designed to be independent of our district networks, it will still be live if the district’s network were to become unstable.



Who To Call For Other Issues

The following systems and services are supported by other departments. Please contact them directly for assistance:



Phone Number

AEROFacilities Planning & Construction858-637-6241
Board DocsBoard Services Department619-725-5551
Enrollment DropsEnrollment Options Department619-725-7153
Enrollment Drops (Home Hospital)Home Hospital Program619-344-6435
QuickBooksFinancial Accounting Department619-725-7742
List Servs (Email)Communications Department619-725-5578
SAMSSubstitute Help Desk619-725-8090
SEAS (Formerly Exceed)Special Education Department619-664-9527
SDIRSan Diego County SDIR Support619-692-5656
Sound SystemsPPO Work Order
Website ProblemsWebsite Concerns Online Form