About IT Help Desk

The purpose of the IT Help Desk is to assist employees with district-supported hardware and software. Our goal is to resolve issues at first contact. If not possible, a case is assigned to the appropriate IT staff for resolution.

Contact the IT Help Desk if:

  • You need technical assistance with District-issued hardware or software.
  • You are following District-approved guidelines, handbooks, or training materials and things are still not working.
  • You need assistance with login or password issues.

What We Support (Partial list)

  • Passwords - Reset your Active Directory and Mainframe Passwords (Password Reset).
  • Refresh Student Active Directory passwords
  • Assist customers with navigation to Read and Learn sections, Online Training and Tutorials
  • Troubleshoot i21 classroom issues (Promethean Boards, Teacher Tablets, Student Netbooks, Doc Cams)
  • Printers - Help you connect to your printer. 
  • Software - Assist customers to install licensed software. 
  • Remote Access your computer (with your permission) to quickly assist with possible solutions.
  • PowerSchool - Help you accomplish a task in PowerSchool using your training materials.