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Supply Exchange

Let's recycle, reuse and repurpose our school site supplies. Yesterday's goods may fill a void at another site. So find a home for items you no longer use here! And let us know if you are looking for something.

NEEDED: Changing table for 5 y/o with special needs. Must be 48" - 60" long. Needed A.S.A.P. contact:

AVAILABLE: 4 C4182X Toner Cartridges, 3  CE255A Toner Cartridges,  2 CC533A toner Cartridges first come first served. Contact Jim at Henry High at

Toner & Printer Cartridge Recycling
If you are unable to find a home for unused toner or printer cartridges for re-use by another school or district office, please recycle them!  For information on how to recycle toner and printer cartridges for FREE, please visit the districts’ Recycling website at:

Trade of Physical Education Equipment: I would like to trade golf clubs for equipment you have to trade. The golf clubs consist of 52 black 506 Golf clubs and 45 silver strike golf clubs (pictures attached). I am open to any type of trade, but we are in need of some soccer equipment (balls and goals) and fitness station agility training equipment (plyometric boxes, weights, hurdles, medicine balls, smash balls, battle ropes, etc). If interested contact Samantha Ferrari, phone: 619-838-9785. Ok to txt. email:

FREE - Gently used office supplies available to schools and central office departments, Ed Center Wing A soda machine/copy room, 2nd floor. Contact
    •    Misc computer supplies/cables
    •    Asst 3-Ring Binders
    •    Desk Organizing items
    •    Toners: various Sharp, Canon, Ricoh, HP Color LaserJet

Available: Website offers free and cheap furniture and supplies: Don’t forget to register and check the local Sustainable Surplus website for free and cheap furniture and supplies for your school or office! This organization partners with businesses and other donors to make excess or unwanted items available to schools and non-profits. For more information, visit their website at