Department Circulars

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Site Operations Circular 1008:  Expenditure of Major Categorical (Title1) Funds for 2018-19
        Attachment 2:  Template - Categorical Funds Budget/Expense Transfer Form
        Attachment 3:  Sample - Categorical Funds Budget Transfer
        Attachment 4:  Sample - Categorical Funds Expense Transfer

Administrative Circular 25:  School Site Council (SSC) Membership Rosters and Training for 2018-19 SY
        Attachment 1:  Sample(s) and Template(s) 2018-19 SSC Membership Roster (Identifying DAC Rep)
        Attachment 2:  Sample SSC Bylaws
        Attachment 3a: Sample SSC Agenda
        Attachment 3b: Sample SSC Minutes
        Attachment 6:  SSC Responsibilities Checklist
        Attachment 8:  SSC Training Flyer

Administrative Circular 26:  Site Parent Involvement Policy (PIP) 2018-19
        Attachment 1:  SSC Responsibilities Checklist
        Attachment 2:  Annual Title I Parent Meeting Planning Agenda
        Attachment 5:  San Diego Unified School District Parent and Family Engagement Policy
        Attachment 6a: Title I Site Parent and Family Engagement Policy
        Attachment 6b: Site Parent and Family Engagement Policy
        Attachment 7a: Title I School Parent Compact
        Attachment 7b: School Parent Compact
        Attachment 8:  Annual Requirements for Title I Schools Verification Form
        Attachment 10: Title I Schools

Administrative Circular 57:  Modification of Site Plans for 2018-19 School Year; for Principals, Area Superintendents, Division and Department Heads
        Attachment 1:  Major Categorical Funds Spending Guidelines 2018-19
        Attachment 2:  2018-19 Single Plan for Student Achievement Recommendations and Assurances
        Attachment 4a:  WASC Recommendations 2018-19 EXAMPLE
        Attachment 4b:  WASC Recommendations 2018-19 Template - Appendix F
        Attachment 5a:  SPSA Assessment and Evaluation (English)
        Attachment 5b:  SPSA Assessment and Evaluation (Spanish)
        Attachment 5c:  SPSA Assessment and Evaluation Summary - Appendix E