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"Operations will ensure a confluence of efforts that are service driven... with a focus on process management through a continuous cycle of improvement will ensure a more efficient and effective means to deliver products and services.”  - CCTE Excellence

The CCTE technology team has implemented a new service desk ( to process requests for goods and services in our CTE/ROP/JROTC classrooms.  It has been built on modern technology and integrated with other district services.  This provides the following benefits:

  • Integration with the district Active Directory removes dependence of legacy login information. Now you sign in with your employee ID and e-mail password.
  •  An interactive form now asks questions directly related to your request.
  • The ability to attach documents and images allows you to submit quotes, our new supply order form, screenshot of an error, or many other things that can follow your ticket.
  • Supply orders can now be completed using an excel template; no more copy pasting in a little text box.
  • Improved communication regarding requests due to better integration with district e-mail.

 The following resources are available:

  • CCTE Order Template – This excel workbook will allow you to fill out all the information for an order in one place ensuring accurate processing of your request.
  • CCTE Service Customer Manual – Step-by-Step directions to submitting a ticket and updating your contact information.
  • Goals for Student Achievement – The Board Governance Policies document includes the list of the Goals for Student Achievement to be used to justify the use of district funds.