Medical/Dental/Vision/VEBA Benefits

Medical coverage is one of the most important benefits that the District offers you and your eligible family members.  The District pays the full monthly premium cost for employees who work half-time or more and their eligible dependents.   Employees in a job share pay a pro-rata share dependent upon hours worked.  Please carefully evaluate your family circumstances before selecting medical plan coverage. If you are not sure what plan to select or what some of the terms means on the Summary of Benefits documents below, please take a look at our Insurance 101 Presentation.  San Diego Unifed belongs to the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) which offers additional resources and services to benefits-eligible employees:

VEBA Member Benefit Information:

Medical Plan Options 


Evidence of Coverage Documents:


Dental Plan Options

The District offers three choices of dental plans to eligible employees.  The District pays the full monthly premium cost for employees who work half-time or more and their eligible dependents.


Vision Plan / Discounted Hearing Aids (TruHearing)

You are automatically enrolled for vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP) when you enroll in a dental plan option.  The plan has coverage for routine eye exams, frames and lenses.