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District Job Aids

District created job aids can be found by using the Illuminate tiles pictured below. These tiles link to one-stop-shop resource pages that make it easy for you to find not only job aids but links to desired assessments and reports in Illuminate and related descriptions/instructions/resources. For example, there is a DRA/EDL/F&P tile that has links directly to the page in Illuminate where scores need to be more trying to figure out where to enter them in Illuminate. Plus there are links to beautiful color coded prebuilt reports. The EL tile has links to ELCAP reports and other EL related reports. The Smarter Balanced tile has links, descriptions and instructions for all the prebuilt reports in addition to many resources. Easy peasy!

Illuminate Jobs Aids and Videos

Illuminate has an extensive collection of help documents and videos in Illuminate Help. (If you have trouble with the link, log into Illuminate then click on the ? icon or click on the Lessons and Videos link in the Control Panel located at the top right of the page with the circle icon.)

The help documents open into a separate window from the Illuminate program so you can have both the open at the same time and switch back and forth between the two. For videos you may need to type in your employee ID and password to override the content filtering block placed by our district's IT department. If you have trouble overriding the blocked content or have trouble viewing the video after overriding the block, call our district's Help Desk at 619-209-HELP (4357).

Illuminate Direct Support

You can email Illuminate directly for help or call 619-627-0343. This local phone number is also listed in the Control Panel in Illuminate. This is a top notch, very knowledgeable help team!

District Direct Support

Send an email if you have any questions.