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The Research and Analysis Department has developed guidelines to assist you in certain complex state or district required tasks.

Online School Contacts Form

Principals and their designees* maintain various school contact information using this form. They may designate multiple contacts for each area of responsibility—a primary contact and optional secondary contact(s). The principal is the default contact for any areas left unassigned.

The form is available via the district Staff Portal website. Users must log in with their district ID and password then proceed to Departments > Data Analysis and Reporting > My Responsibilities > Contacts Form. See below for step-by-step instructions.

Questions? Please contact Jim Gustafson (jgustafson1@sandi.net, 619.725.7195) or Leah Baylon(lbaylon@sandi.net, 619.725.7202)

How to access the Online School Contacts Form:

  • Go to the Staff Portal section of the district website https://www.sandi.net/staff/.
  • Click Login (top right of the page). Enter your district ID and password.
  • Go to Departments > Data Analysis and Reporting > My Responsibilities > Contacts Form

*To share the work of maintaining this form with another staff member, the principal must log into the form and select a designee for the Contacts Form. Only then will the designee be able to access the form using his/her own district ID/password and update the school's contacts.

Ethnicity and Race Data Collection and Reporting

Following new federal guidelines, the district changed the way it collected and reported student ethnicity and race data in 2009-10. These changes and their impact are summarized in PDF iconthis information brief.

PowerSchool Exit Page

To make student exit documentation streamlined, centralized, and current, PowerSchool has a page where schools can document where students have gone after leaving the district. Please see this page for complete information on how to accurately document students that have left the San Diego Unified School District.

Determining a Student's Class-of Year

At the beginning of each semester, the Data Analysis and Reporting Department re-examines the class-of (grad year in Zangle) status for each student. Class-of determines which year's graduation requirements apply to a student. District Procedure 4770 states that the graduation requirements for a year apply to all members of that class-of through an additional (5th) year of high school. After that year, the current graduation requirements apply. Moreover, various sorts of testing (CAHSEE, STAR) are dependent on class-of.

A student's class-of or projected graduation year is determined to happen three school years after the student first attempts at least 3 credits as a 9th grader. The class-of year is not an indicator of when a student really will graduate, but is merely a projection of when he/she is expected to graduate. It is used as a "marker" to determine a student's progress and also to determine a student's testing level. Please view PDF iconthis document to see how class-of is determined.

Credit-Based Grade Level Calculation

At the beginning of each semester, the Research and Analysis Department recalculates grade levels of high school students based on credits earned toward graduation and other criteria contained in Administrative Procedure 4770. This is done to make grade level determination consistent across all district schools, so that it represents actual progress towards graduation. Please view PDF iconthis document to see how high school grade level is calculated.