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Raz-Kids Changes!



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What does this mean?

Raz-Kids was recently renamed Kids A-Z. As part of that change they have updated their app. Therefore, the older app is no longer working on either the Year 4 or the Year 5 android devices. We can offer a workaround for Year 4 devices and an app download for Year 5 devices.

Please note, by downloading these apps you are choosing to change the standard district image. The IT department will support the standard district image. Sites choosing to alter this image are responsible for making these changes. Neither the Ed Tech Department or the IT Department is obligated to make these changes. Similarly, please be aware that if a device needs to be reimaged or replaced the device will be given the standard district image. The site will be responsible for making any additions.

Year 4 Devices:

The current app requires a newer version of the Android operating system than what exists on the Year 4 Androids, and the previous app no longer connects to RazKids. We recommend downloading the Firefox browser, (link to job aids), and creating a shortcut to the home screen that takes your students directly to the RazKids login page.

Directions for Adding Firefox 

Direct URL to website login & making a shortcut:

  • After downloading and installing Firefox, launch Firefox.
  • In the URL bar enter: tinyurl.com/sdusdraz
  • Tap and hold the URL bar until it vibrates.
  • When prompted, select "Add to Home Screen".

Year 5 Androids

The newest version of the Kids A-Z app is compatible with the Year 5 Android Operating System. Please follow the instructions for downloading at the following link (click here).

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