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Course of Study

The Course of Study, TK–12, describes courses and instructional sequences adopted districtwide, as well as current pilot courses and "site-adopted courses" (those courses approved by the Board of Education to be offered at specific schools only, usually in support of magnet or other special programs). The current version of the Course of Study is available here.

In addition to meeting a legal requirement, the Course of Study, TK–12, serves as an important single source of information about the district's educational programs, including elementary school instructional programs, secondary school course descriptions and articulation, and approved instructional materials. It also brings together in one place material on state and district requirements, special education programs, student assessment, and more. Such information is of value to the Board of Education; district teachers, administrators, and counselors; parents and community members; and college/university professors and students of education.

Additional Course Information

Departments by Course Number Range

Department Course Range
CTE (Business Education) 0500-0999
CTE (Career Development) 8000-8599
CTE (Health Science Careers) 3000-3499
CTE (Home Economics Careers and Technology) 1000-1399
CTE (Industrial Technology Education) 3500-3999
CTE (Advanced Courses [formerly ROP]) 8000-8999
Computer Education (now part of CTE) 4400-4499
English Language Arts 1500-1999
Guidance and AVID 8000-8599
Health and Safety 2500-2999
History–Social Studies 6500-6899
Library Media 8300-8399
Mathematics 4000-4399
Military Science/Leadership Education (JROTC) 4500-4699
Physical Education 5500-5999
Science 6000-6499
Special Education 7000-7999
VAPA (Music) 5000-5499
VAPA (Theater/Dance) 1400-1499
VAPA (Visual Arts) 0100-0499
World Languages 2000-2499

Course Modifiers

Course Modifier Description
B Bilingual
C GATE Cluster
E Spanish Immersion
F French Immersion
G Special Education Collaborative
J Generic (No Graduation Credit)
L Sheltered for English learners
N Changed Title
S GATE Seminar
Q 9-Week
U Unweighted AP
X 6-Week
Z 12-Week

Course Title Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
AE Adult Education
BP Big Picture course; for use at San Diego Met only
HP Honors-Level Preparatory; meets UC a-g requirements; earns weighted credit
P College Preparatory; meets UC a-g requirements

High School Graduation Credit Types

Credit Type Code Graduation Credit Type
1 English Language Arts
2a Practical Arts
2b Visual and Performing Arts
3 Currently not in use
4 Social Studies (history; government; economics)
5 Mathematics
6 Science
7 World Language
8 Electives
9 Physical Education/Military Science