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December 18th i21 Informational Meeting Resources: 

Presentation Slides     Refresh Handout     Active Directory to Chromebooks Directions


i21 Device Refresh

The bond refreshes teacher and student devices after 5 years. This year devices purchased in the 2014-2015 school year will be refreshed. These are Yoga Thinkpad Windows machines. After this refresh, all CORE classrooms should have Chromebooks. To prepare for the refresh teachers can follow these instructions for the conversion from Windows machines to Chromebooks.

Non i21 classrooms/teachers are defined as Certificated staff that includes: Principals, Vice Principals, Non i21 Classroom Teachers, Counselors, Nurses, Psychologists, and Speech Language Pathologists. These teachers qualify for a device every 5 years. Non i21 requests were sent out mid-September and were due 9/29.


i21 Suite (Promethean Yr 2) Refresh starts Spring 2020

  • Facilities Planning and Construction (FPC) will complete site surveys Fall/Winter 2019.

  • Year 2 boards have a bottom drawer on the base.

  • Refresh only includes Boxlight display. Doccam and sound system will be replaced as needed. 

  • Systems integration training available (2 hours per site).  Additional support prior to school starting. Contact David Benavides (dmarceleno@sandi.net)

  • Old boards removed prior to delivery (same day)

Training Resources-

Set-up       Boxlight        Mimio Software          Ladybug Doc Cam         Juno Sound System


What is Boxlight?

Boxlight is a cutting-edge 4K LED interactive display that will be replacing classroom Promethean boards.  Up to 20 single point touch users can work simutaneously.  Users can annotate directly on Google slides, websites, documents, or blank note pages.

Boxlight F.A.Q.

Link to Boxlight board overview and specifications.