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SciTech 14/15
At the School of Science and Technology (SciTech), our mission is to make education exciting to each and every student by making science and technology practical and meaningful.
At SciTech, you will have the opportunity to explore new and evolving forms of technology and incorporate them into daily practice. Our personalized education environment will engage you in a rigorous college preparatory curriculum resulting in a high level of achievement.
You will get real world experience and training through internships and job shadows, as well as through SciTech's affiliation with technology, nursing, and transportation programs at local colleges.
Students at SciTech can also take AP courses, and participate in courses such as Yearbook, Journalism, and Band, as well as activities including ASB, Prom, Homecoming, Athletics, and JROTC with the entire student body of the San Diego High Educational Complex.
At SciTech, you can satisfy your curiosity in the scientific and technological fields while learning important skills that will prepare you for a successful career in science and technology.

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