Middle School

JMUN Awards are in!

Posted by Liz Sloan at 6/1/2012

We had an amazing JMUNexperience! Wangenheim students presented themselves with positive and professional attitudes. They arrived on the bus anxious and uncertain, on the way home the bus was filled with smiling, elated and self-satisfied students.

The Patrick Pearson Economic Award presented by ECon ED Foundation of San Diego (given to the one student in the entire conference that presented the best solutions and policy based on economic principles.)

                               NILAY S (he beat high school students!!!)

The GAVEL award is given to the top delegate in each committee who best represents their national policy, exhibits the spirit of diplomacy and articulates themselves in a manner worth of the real UN.

                               ALBERT N  Regional Security Council

The Outstanding Delegate Award is given to the top 3 delegates in each committee.

                               MADELINE S Security Council
                                ALBERT N  Regional Security
                                NILAY S Security Council

Commendation award is given to delegates who demonstrate command of rhetoric, knowledge of world affairs a high understanding of policy.

                                     ZACHARY M  Regional Securtiy