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8) Independent Outside Reading (REQUIREMENTS)


IndependentOutside Reading Requirement JIMENEZ


Students in this class will berequired to do independent reading each nine weeks.  Topics and dates are listed below. Studentsare required to read 300 pages each nine weeks for an ‘A.’ See below for specificinstruction.  Please note that thesedates and topics are loosely correlated to the requirements for AmericanHistory. Students should check with their Am. History teacher to see if theycan obtain double credit. In general both fiction or non-fiction areaccepted.  Books on the Jimenez Top 50list are automatically approved.   Booksnot on the list must be approved. (Additional handouts will be given)


WEEK DUE                                          TOPIC/THEMES

Book Report One:    December 2                 NativeAmerican, Early Explorers,

                                    (AfterThanksgiving    The Colonial Era, FoundingGuys

                                    Break)                                    Presidents(Or  Jimenez Top 50 List)


Book Report Two:     January  6                   CIVILWAR OR THE CHANGING FACE

                                   (After X-masbreak)    OF AMERICA PRE 1900: slavery,social change, women’s suffrage movement, industrial revolution, child labor,AfricanAmericans, immigrants. (SEE JIMENEZ TOP 50 LIST for approved titles)


Book Report Three: April 7, 2012              20THCENTURY:WW1, WWII,

(After Springbreak)     CivilRights, Depression, (SEE JIMENEZ  TOP 50LIST)



Book Report Four:    June 10                        The‘60’s and/or SELF –                                                                                                        IMPROVEMENT


                                                                        (Or  Jimenez Top 50 List)




Students are required to bring their book to class and musthave it with them in order to initiate a conference.



300 ppgs = A

200 ppgs = B

100 ppgs = C