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Barnard teacher named one of California's top language educators

Sally Lowe Barnard Elementary teacher Sally Lowe has been named one of four Outstanding Teachers for 2013 by the California Language Teacher's Association.

The award is given in recognition of outstanding teaching performance of a world language other than English.

"Barnard is in its fifth year of implementing the Mandarin Language Program and Sally Lowe is a driving force in pushing forward," said Barnard Principal Eddie Park. "She is a confident educator and embodies all the qualities of a leader. She demonstrates exceptional skills in modifying and adapting curriculum, creating material, varying instruction and implementing a positive behavior support plan. She is organized, positive, flexible and accommodating in working with students and other professionals."

Each month Lowe leads a full day professional development of the Mandarin teachers at Barnard, helping her colleagues teach common core curriculum in Mandarin as well as exciting and innovating ways to efficiently teach Mandarin.

Lowe has taught for 17 years and was the 2011 Teacher of the Year from Barnard. She was also an honoree of the 2010 California Distinction Award in Promoting Chinese Language and Culture issued by Chinese Language Education and Research Center in Silicon Valley, and is the recipient of many other educational awards. She is a member of the California Language Teacher’s Association and Foreign Language Council of San Diego.

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