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Millennial Tech robotics students work to help seniors


A student works on his project.
How are the Techies from Millennial Tech Middle School, a senior in their lives, and LEGO connected?


They were all part of the Senior Solutions Challenge recently at the FIRST LEGO League competition at High Tech High in Pt. Loma. The students in grades 7-8 from Mr. Ashworth's Robotics team picked a senior from their own family to find out about specific physical challenges.

"They charted their needs and then researched how robotic technology could help meet the needs of the seniors in their family," said Rodger Ashworth, a Millennial Tech science teacher. During the competition, their "missions" included moving and opening medicine bottles, creating timers to remind seniors to take medication and navigating through mazes.

Students were challenged to not find out problems that needed solving, but building the robots from Lego bricks and other parts, and creating a display board to tell judges and spectators about their project.

The students are currently working on projects for the upcoming Spring LEGO Wars Showdown, coming up at Legoland in Carlsbad. For more information, contact Ashworth at