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Ibarra Elementary Students Learn the Importance of Being Drug Free During Red Ribbon Week

Ibarra Schools across the district are participating in the annual Red Ribbon Week, officially designated as Oct. 23-31, 2012. Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Formally designated as Red Ribbon Week in 1988, this event serves as an annual opportunity for communities and individuals to affirm their commitment to healthy and drug-free lives. The theme of Red Ribbon Week for 2012 is “The Best Me Is Drug Free.”

Students at Ibarra Elementary School attended the special Red Ribbon Week Kickoff Assembly on Monday with special guests San Diego School Chief Rueben Littlejohn, Community Service Officer Patrick Wafer and McGruff the Crime Dog. A special thanks to Crawford students Kaitlyn Connally and Cuong Pham for their participation.
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