Clubs and Activities

UCHS Clubs and Activities


Club Name



Day Club Meets

Club President

Club President Contact

Purpose of Club

A Taste of the World

Wednesdays at lunch

Lindsay Longstreet

Introduce students to different cultures

Academic League

Levens 456


Nicolette Brannan

Compete in interscholastic trivia competitions


Jason 225

Wednesdays at lunch

Samantha Wang

Christian community service club

All Male

Martin outside activity room


Richie Le

Compete in national dance competitions

Anime Club

Millard B14


Natalie Winter

Share common interest of anime

Art Club

Woodruff 228

Last Thursday of the month

Amanda Wojciechowski

Create and promote student artwork


Fallon 202

Weekdays Period 4

Nikolina Zenovic

Student Government


Companone 225

3rd Friday of the month at lunch

Jose Para

Fundraise for AVID field trips, increase exposure to AVID

UCHS Best Buddies

Zapp 211

Wednesdays at lunch

Jacqueline Vallon

Create friendship, integrated employment and leadership for those with IDD

Black Student Union

Lynn 452


E’Mohni Raymond

Empower and unite African American students

UC Boys Basketball

Stonebreaker Gym


Terry Stonebreaker

Participate in UCHS Boys Basketball

California Scholarship Federation

Stanly B6


Daniella Veloria

Recognize academic accomplishments of students

Ceramics Club

McCarthy 230

Tuesdays at lunch

Eliza Paynel

Make and study ceramics

Child Development

Salemi 206


Amanda Wojciechowski

Expand experience working with children

Circle of Friends

Hicks 211


David Kurtz

Establish an environment of inclusion for secondary students with disabilities

Class of 2014




Alexis Urias

Plans senior activities and events

Class of 2016

Pores B9

Once a month at lunch

Kaitlin Saythong

Build a stronger relationship with the 2016 class, organize fundraisers

Coastal Cleanup

Pores B9

Thursdays at lunch

Rebecca Kaliff

Educate students on environmental issues and provide according volunteer opportunities

Coastal Crew


Two times a month at lunch

Jessica Doyle

Protection and enjoyment of local beaches

Color Guard


Weekdays after school

Lauren Taylor

Improve color guard skills

Cross Country

McCarthy 230


Ann Kelly

Discuss Cross Country

Culinary Arts

Huntsburger 206


Eliese Maxwell

Teach and expose others to cooking

Diverse Dance Crew

Sablack Quad

After school

Stayci Burgos

Do all types of dance and express yourself

Dodge ball Club

Morgan B3

First and third Monday of the month

Tyler Hedley

Discuss Doge ball and play games

Drill Team

Martin by Activity room


Alyssa Medina

Promote school spirit through dance and build leadership and discipline skills

Faith Club

Morgan B3

Tuesdays at lunch

Steven Singh

Preach and enlighten students with the word of God

UCHS Garden Club

Stanley B6

Tuesdays or Thursdays at lunch

Sara Gerdom

Take care of the UCHS garden

Girls Basketball

McLaughlin Gym

Tuesday night’s 6-8

Taraja Nyofu


Raise money to support the JV and Varsity girls basketball teams

Girls Golf


Torrey Pines Golf Course and Stadium

Monday-Thursday 2:45-4:15

Jessica Kim

Allows girls to practice and compete in golf with other schools

Girls Field Hockey


Daily after school

Riley Wilson

Promote teamwork, develop physical and mental strength ect


Compagnone 225

Tuesdays at lunch

Julia Eisengart

Teach others LGBTQ issues

Hand Up

Schiller B4

Thursdays at lunch

Ari Krasner

Raise hunger awareness, raise money for Hand Up Youth Food Pantry, raise food for the pantry

Hope for Uganda

Vandiver 607

Tuesdays at lunch

Sarah Levy

Raise funds to help build community wells



Wednesdays at lunch

Colin Magnusson

Provide an atmosphere centered around faith

Jazz Club



Jeremy Kern

Promote jazz and its mystical ways


Bristol 226

Weekdays Period 4

Emily Siegler

Create a student produced newspaper for the UCHS community

UCHS Key Club

Adsit 218

Wednesdays at lunch

Helen Nguyen

Volunteer work/service

Life Skills

Vandiver 607

Every other Friday at lunch

Armando Cendali

Educate and teach skills to people who want to pursue total independence




Alec Wall

Learn how to make the most of life

Marine Corps JROTC


Once a month at lunch

Sonny Markland

Promote patriotism, build espit de corps, teamwork, ect

Math Club

Huzar 450

Tuesdays at lunch

Emi Zegar

Learn and have fun in math

UCHS Mock Trial

Fournier 213

Lunch and possibly after school

Nikolina Zenovic

Prepare for the SD County Mock Trial competition

Mormon Club

Compagnone 225

Mondays at lunch

Steven Scheidt

Spread the beliefs of the Mormon religion

Movie Appreciation Club

Norton B11

Fridays at lunch and sometimes after school

Victoria Ding

Watching movies, writing reviews, relaxing from school work

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

Jason 215

Wednesdays at lunch

Sarah Kousba

Raise awareness and clear misconceptions of Muslims

Music in the Community

Corenman 208

Fridays at lunch

Micayla George

Perform music at various community organizations

NOSB (National Ocean Science Bowl)

Howell 444


Aubrey Arevalo

Marine Science Club

North University Library Teen Council

Compagnone 225

Every other Thursday at lunch

Brent Lam

Get teens more active in their local library

UC Pals

Stanly B6

Lunch and after school

Layla Elmi

Improving relations on campus and creating on big UC Community

Pay It Forward

Standly B6

Tuesdays at lunch

Andrea Costa

Fundraising and community service to help the needy

P.E.A.P.S (Protect Every Animal Pledge Service)

Adsit 218

Mondays at lunch

Sierra Varano

Protect and raise animal awareness about animal right and offer vegetarians alternatives

UC Performing Arts Club

Brown 214

Wednesdays at lunch

Kennedy Garcia

Promote the arts and creative outlit


Norton B11

Tuesday and Thursday 2:45pm

LeeAnn Nicdao

Learn about the Polynesian culture (cultural dance)

Pokemon Club

Quessenberry 604

Tuesdays at lunch

Megan Findal

Play Pokemon

UCHS Red Cross Club

Reading 435


Pranaya Anshu

Help society via Red Cross

Roots and Shoots

Howell 444

Thursdays at lunch

Riri Shibata

Conservation and awareness about environmental issues

UCHS Rugby Club

Morgan B3


Devin Lim

Discuss and socialize with people who play or are interested in playing rugby

UCHS Science Olympiad

Quesenberry 604

Fridays at lunch

Eric Chao

Compete in regional and state Science Olympiad competitions

Sculpture Club

Mansfield 223

Twice a month at lunch

Eileen Vedar

Promote contemporary sculpture

UCHS Soccer Club

Brown 210

Wednesday or Thursday at lunch

Joseph Plaster

Fundraise for the soccer team in introduce to soccer

Spanish Literature Club

Ocampo B16


Nicolette Brannan

Read and understand works of Spanish literature

Speak Up

Ocampio B16

Tuesdays at lunch

Kayleigh Adams

Discuss controversial topics in Socratic seminar format

Step Team



Weekdays at 2:30pm

Autiana Minor

Just to have something to do after school

Students Association for Young Artists

Corenman 208

Fridays 4-5

Jessica Chen

Teach elementary and middle school students how to play instruments

UC Surf Club


Scripps La Jolla

Sundays 9:00am

Justin Wood

Create a positive and fun environment for kids at UC to surf

Tennis Club

Howell 444

Wednesdays at lunch Tennis Courts on Friday

Ashlyn Youn

To play tennis after school

Technology Club (Arts Tech)

Zafuto 434

Tuesdays at lunch

Natalie Eddy

Community service and community building around the Arts Tech program

UCHS Tahitian Dane Team

Steinburger 436

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Monica Salazar

Teach members Islander dancing and culture

Track Club




Will Trammell

Promote and support UC Track and Field

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Millard B14

Tuesdays at lunch

Alec Lolly-Wilson

Provide a club for people who want to learn how to play Ultimate


Brown 210

Tuesdays at lunch

Kevin Mai

Raise money for Unicef and help developing nations


Murphy 605

Tuesdays at lunch

Richie Le

To explore cultural backgrounds of the Vietnamese