Netbook Redistribution

Posted by Michael Senise at 9/12/2010 11:00:00 AM

Questions have arisen regarding the reallocation of netbooks to i21 classrooms that are beyond the allocation ratio of 1:25 for 3rd grade and 1:34 for 6th and 9-12 grade math. Many principals have asked if netbooks from these i21 classrooms that have students under the allocation ratio may be redistributed to other i21classrooms, which are over the allocation number.
“I have an i21 classroom for intervention math that has a maximum number of students for the day that does not exceed 27 students. The classroom was allocated 34 netbooks. Can I distribute the extra 7 netbooks to supplement i21 classrooms at my site that exceed 34?”


Yes. You may use the extra Netbooks that are over the maximum number used in a particular i21 classroom to supplement i21 classrooms where there is a shortage. However, for inventory purposes, at the end of the school year, these netbooks must be returned to classroom cart where they were originally assigned. Note: Netbooks may only be redistributed from one i21 classroom to another i21 classroom.

Please note:

Netbooks must be returned to the original classroom cart at the end of the school year.
  • There can be a maximum of 38 netbooks stored in a cart due to electrical limitations. Additional netbooks beyond 38 can be stored and charged in the locked AV cabinet that was installed as part of the i21 classroom.

  • The principal must approve Netbook redistribution and principal will keep a master list. Please use the spreadsheet provided for this purpose called Netbook Redistribution Master List. Click here to download spreadsheet.

  • The original computer label must remain on the netbook and cannot be covered over.

  • Classroom printer will need to be added on the netbook once the computer has been moved. This will have to be done by the student. Click here to view printer job aid.

  • Each computer move must be documented on the Netbook Redistribution Form and a copy must be stored in the originating room’s cart and also in the destination room’s cart. Click here for to download a copy of the Netbook Redistribution Form.