i21 Connect - 4/26/2010

Posted by Michael Senise at 4/26/2010 5:00:00 PM

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Hello i21 Teachers,

In this update from i21 Connect you will find information on the new IT Help Desk policy for Tablet PC service, two ways to access YouTube videos at school sites, and more. Several of the topic shared in this update have come from teacher suggestions. If you have a suggestion for what we could share in the next i21 Connect Update, please use this link to let us know.

Thank you,
Heidi Beezley
On behalf of the Ed Tech Team

Accessing YouTube Videos
YouTube has a number of videos that are educationally valuable. You may not know that there are now two ways to access YouTube. First, you can go directly to http://youtube.com and override the content filter with your district id and password. Second, you can go to the SDUSD Safe Videos site at http://evl.sandi.net/SafeVideos/. From the Safe Videos website you can submit videos that you would like for students to be able to view without having to override the content filter. These videos would always be available. For directions on both of these ways of accessing YouTube, please click on the link below that will lead to a job aid.

Direct link to YouTube Job Aid: Job Aid Link

Avoiding the Stretch – How to Make Shapes Like Circles and Squares Truly Circles and Squares on the Promethean Board
Geometry teachers especially may be frustrated that the default settings on your Tablet PC will stretch circles into ellipses and squares into rectangles. This stretching is also a problem when you project a coordinate plane. Usually changing your screen resolution of your computer will solve this problem. You will want your screen resolution to be set at 1280 x 720. Below is a link to a job aid that will show you how to adjust your screen resolution.

Job Aid for changing screen resolution: Job Aid Link

Flipchart and Link Sharing
If you have created or found a great flipchart and want to share it, or if you have found some great links for your content area, there is now a place where you can share it with your district colleagues. The Ed Tech Team has created a Moodle page for 3rd, 6th, and high school math as a place for sharing these types of useful resources. Even if you don’t have something you want to share, you may want to bookmark these pages as a place to find resources in the future.

3rd Grade Moodle Resource Page: http://bit.ly/sdusd3rd

6th Grade Moodle Resource Page: http://bit.ly/sdusd6th

High School Math Moodle Resource Page: http://bit.ly/sdusdmath


If you would like to enroll in these courses as a teacher so that you can add flipcharts and links to share, the enrollment key is: i21teacher

ActivInspire Video Tutorials
Another way to get help using ActivInspire and your Promethean Board is through video tutorials available online. There is a list of some videos that could help you get started from the i21 website. Click on the link below to view the video tutorials. Most of these videos are on YouTube. To access them, you will first need to override the content filter.