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In the classroom A 2020 Vision for Educational Excellence

On February 23, 2010, the Board of Education approved these envisioned realities for the year 2020.

On the Way and By the Year 2020 the San Diego Unified School District will:

  • Demonstrate national and international leadership through educational innovation and student achievement, contributing to a viable, stable economy, clean environment and active community participation.

  • Continually attract and retain the best and most experienced staff with competitive salaries and benefits.

  • Operate efficiently, effectively and democratically.

  • Democratically engage all parents and citizens resulting in a high level of confidence in the district and a willingness to invest boldly in schools.

For Schools

  • Schools will be safe, attractive neighborhood learning centers supporting learning and interaction for citizens of all ages.

  • Schools will offer opportunities that increase the capacity of the communities to meet their own needs.

  • Schools and clusters will have increased authority to establish instructional strategies designed to assure the success of each student, and will be accountable for the results of those decisions.

For Students

  • All students will be expected to graduate as productive citizens with skills and knowledge necessary for academic and occupational success.

  • Individualized courses of instruction will be geared to student's personal strengths and interests. Each student will be evaluated based upon progress according to the student's individual learning plan. They will be able to move through the system at an accelerated pace, and graduate when all requirements have been fulfilled. Their programs of instruction will feature a reasonable blend of rigorous academics and career/technical instruction to assure their readiness for a full range of post-graduation choices.

  • Students will have access to and will be proficient in the use of the latest technology, and will be able to access relevant information from school or home. They, their parents and their teachers will be able to monitor their individual performance continuously.

  • Every student will meet the district's performance expectations as expressed in the Board's Results policies, will make at least one year's progress each year and graduate on time prepared for success academically, socially, physically and ethically.

For Parents

  • Parents will be integral parts of each student's educational experience.

  • Parents, students and teachers will collaborate in designing individual learning plans for students. Parents will be able to constantly monitor their children's performance.

  • Parents will play an integral part in school site governance and councils.

For Volunteers and Partners

  • Community volunteers and partners will augment the work of teachers in support of helping each student succeed.

For Principals and Staff

  • Salaries and benefits for San Diego Unified School District staff will rank among the top within the state. In order to retain the best staff, career advancement opportunities will be available to provide growth options for those meeting job specifications.

  • All staff will have necessary training and development opportunities to assure their continued adequacy for the demands of the profession, including but not limited to the demands of a diverse student population.

  • The staff will parallel the demographic mix of the San Diego Unified School District student population.

  • Low student-teacher ratios will permit teachers to interact productively with each student, and to serve as coaches, facilitators and guides in the learning experience.

  • Staff will enjoy relative freedom to do the jobs for which they were hired, within established parameters, but will be held accountable for student achievement.

For Central Administration

  • The San Diego Unified School District central administration will be technologically sophisticated and highly efficient in all divisions in order to best serve the learning needs of students and citizens.

  • District support will enable schools and teachers to effectively monitor each student's academic progress in a manner that minimizes the clerical aspects of the task.

  • Effective long-range planning and strong advocacy will result in the ability of the district and schools to make multi-year plans with confidence.

  • The primary role of central administration will be one of support for school sites.

For the Board

  • The San Diego Unified School District Board of Education will provide visionary leadership for the district by setting policy-level direction, including setting the budget, and by effectively monitoring district performance against established standards.

  • The Board will consider the performance of the district and the performance of the Board to be identical, and will delegate appropriate authority to the Superintendent to manage and lead the internal processes of the district, both in instruction and operational areas.

  • The Board will hold the Superintendent accountable for the results of decisions delegated to the Superintendent.

  • The Board will hold itself accountable for performing its responsibilities in an exemplary fashion for maintaining an ambitious vision for San Diego Unified School District, and for effectively communicating with the full breadth of the citizenry.