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For information regarding Fall 2015 Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and New Student Registration, please click the link below:

For your reference, registration typically proceeds as follows:   

For new students, pick up a registration packet at the school site.

Filling out the information in the registration packet prior to the day of registration works best since it makes everything go smoother and faster.

Document requirements are as follows:

1. Official Birth Certificate, Passport, or Baptismal Certificate
2. TWO (2) Proofs of Residence which can be any of the following:


o Deed to home.
o Escrow papers.
o Rent receipt for the last month.
o Most recent utility bills (phone, gas and electric), please make sure that your name and address is on the bill.


3. Immunization Record (signed by the physician).
Immunization requirements are as follows:

1. Polio (OPV and/or IPV), 4 doses (3 doses meet the requirement if at least one was given on or after the 4th birthday)
2. DTP, 5 doses (4 doses meet the requirement if at least one was given on or after the 4th birthday)
3. MMR, 2 doses (both on or after the 1st birthday)
4. Hepatitis B, 3 doses
5. Chickenpox (1 dose if 12 and under) or the date of the disease

Chickenpox SB 741 is an amendment to the Health and Safety Code, Section 120335, which will require varicella immunization for all entering Kindergarten children (or first grade if Kindergarten skipped), childcare entry (18 months and older), and older students under age 18 years from out of state or out of country who enter (or transfer to) a California school for the first time on or after July 1, 2001.  This will affect all levels of school entry.


How the Requirement Will Work:

* Beginning July 1, 2001, all students entering Kindergarten and those in other grades who are entering or transferring to a California school for the first time will be requires to comply with the varicella requirements.
* Required documentation will be an immunization showing that the varicella vaccine has been received by the student or documentation on the immunization record that the student has had the disease. A parent report without documentation is not acceptable. Site nurses must be included in the registration process at every site to document varicella diseases or proof of immunization.
* The varicella requirement is for one dose of varicella vaccine for children 18 months and older. Two doses are requires for students 13 years and older who are entering a California school for the first time, have no history of disease and are not immunized.
* As with other provisions of the California School Immunization Law, schools will be responsible for recording dates of varicella doses on the student's blue California School Immunization record card and for completing periodic reports.
* Personal beliefs and medical exemptions are allowed, including laboratory confirmation of previous infection or vaccine.
The chickenpox vaccine is difficult to store, so nurses will be able to offer this vaccine only if the site has adequate storage facilities. We will have vaccine available and will work with individual nurses to meet the need of all sites. Staff may also refer parents to the San Diego County Department of Public Health immunization clinics or their private physicians for immunizations. No child will be turned away for lack of funds to pay for needed immunizations at the public health clinics or our schools.
Please double check with your child's physician.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Dingeman office at (858) 549-4437 or check the district web site:

San Diego Unified School District - Enrollment