James Madison

High School


Mr. Ken Schwartz

            858 429-5565  Video Relay Service
  • Room B17A
  • Classes: SAI and Deaf/HHTeacher

1.     DHH World History/Co- teacher


2.    Applied English


3.     Earth Science/Co-Teacher


4.     Applied Science/Math

5.     Preparation

6.     Applied Math 9-10



  This is Ken Schwartz.   I graduated from CSUN with the degree in  B.S. and then earned M.A. in the  education in Western Maryland College (Now Mc Daniel Unversity) in Maryland. I did my student teaching in the middle school at Maryland School for the Deaf.   I taught the high school mathematics in Arkansas School for the Deaf for the year. I am currently Deaf/Hard of Hearing teacher in San Diego Unified City School since 1981, first at Lafayette Elementary, Madison High School, Kroc Middle School and now at Madison High School.
     I teach Applied courses in the self-contained Deaf/HH classroom and co-teacher in the regular Earth Science classroom and DHH World History.