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San Diego State University and City Heights Educational Collaborative
College Avenue Compact Program

Pre-K through 12 Educational Interventions to Increase High School Graduation & College / Career Preparation in City Heights

The College Avenue Compact Program is the umbrella for an array of interventions, each with its own outcomes related to the overarching Compact outcomes. Beginning with Hoover's class of 2011,  students meeting the requirements will be guaranteed admission to San Diego State University through the College Avenue Compact of the *City Heights Educational Collaborative.

The College Avenue Compact Framework

The Compact focuses on Five Benchmarks:

      1.  Maintain a 3.00 GPA through the senior year of high school

      2.  Complete all of the A-G course requirements

      3.  Must have been enrolled at Hoover since the 9th grade

      4.  Satisfy both the ELM and EPT placement tests

      5.  Take SAT or ACT exam.

The program elements are to:
    • Institute academic rigor that will better prepare students to be college-read
    • Provide guaranteed admission to SDSU upon successful completion of the required benchmarks.
    • Provide support to Hoover students so they can be successful at SDSU


The program outcomes are significant annual increases in:
    • University eligibility:
      • Hoover High graduation rate
      • Hoover High a-g required course completion
      • Hoover High ACT/SAT scores
      • Hoover High University application acceptances at SDSU and other universities

    • Milestones for graduation
      • Algebra completion by 9th grade
      • Reading & Math Proficiency by 5th grade


*The City Heights Educational Collaborative is a partnership between San Diego State University (SDSU), Price Charities, San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Education Association (SDEA). The Collaborative purpose is to employ the resources of San Diego State University to improve the academic performance of students in three City Heights schools with a total of 5,500 students: Hoover High School, Monroe Clark Middle School,  Wilson Middle School and Rosa Parks Elementary School.  In addition, students from SDSU's College of Education and College of Health and Human Services perform internships at the three schools.

Goals of The Collaborative include:

    *  Improve K-16 student achievement.

    *  Provide solutions to school community problems through an active research agenda.

    *  Develop 21st Century life skills in all Collaborative children.

    * Promote business and community partnerships that provide resources and opportunity for Hoover students in:

·         educational attainment

·         college and career

·         community and service learning

·         focus on youth development

·         recognize mentoring programs

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Funded through investments by Price Charities and San Diego State University