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Homework Policy


Students are expected to write down their homework assignments in their planner, complete their homework and return it to the teacher on time.  Each student attending Innovation Middle School should read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night.  Please refer to the school’s website if your child has questions about nightly homework or if he/she is absent for 1 or 2 days.  The average time students are expected to spend on homework is as follows:
  • Grade 7-  1 ½ hours per night
  • Grade 8-  2 hours per night

Late work

Late work is any work that is turned in after the period that it is due.  Late work can earn a mark as high as a “B” if submitted on the following day, but will earn no higher than a mark of "C" from the 2nd day through the week after the grade is posted on Student/Parent Connect.  Late work will only be accepted up to one (1) week after the grade is posted on Student/Parent Connect.  When absent on an assignment due date, students are expected to submit their work on the day they return to receive full credit.  If absent on the day an assignment is given, an additional day will be added to the deadline if needed.  Students are responsible for ensuring that they get any assignments missed if they are absent, and for knowing when it is due.  Assignments are posted daily on the teacher’s class page which is accessible through  Parents and students should be proactive and discuss special circumstances with their child's individual teachers as early as possible.  IEPs/504 Plans indicating extended time for work completion will be honored.  Parents and students are expected to check PowerSchool Parent Portal weekly to monitor assignments as they are recorded by teachers.  To obtain a PowerSchool Parent Portal access code, please contact our school counselor., Mrs. Rozsnyoi, via phone 858-278-5948 ext. 2104 or email to