Rowan staff, students, and parents are working together to make a difference. We strive to educate all students in an integrated setting so they may realize their full potential and become responsible, literate, thinking, and productive members of a global society. A deeper understanding of children's progress toward grade-level standards is being attained by our teachers and shared with students' families during parent-teacher conferences, using the Standards Based Report Card (SBRC), enabling us to make the best decisions and plans for each student.

Ongoing professional development has made a difference in our teaching. We provide a balanced literacy program in all grades, and use student discourse and multiple representations to deepen mathematical understanding. Learning opportunities are  expanded through field trips, partnership activities, assemblies, performances, and our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. Active family and community participation was evident this year with open houses, a school-wide field trip to the Campo Museum and train station, Family Fridays, parent-teacher conferences, a winter holiday program, and our annual winter carnival. A team approach -- school, home, and community working together -- can help achieve our goal of providing the best education for each student.

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