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A kindergarten through fifth-grade school.

The "Jewel of Paradise Hills" is located at 2797 Utica Drive.    

News from Penn Elementary

Safety Patrol We continue to hear great things about our Safety Patrol at Penn. Recently the patrol had a fabulous holiday party with 1500 patrol kids hosted by the San Diego Police. They were treated to a day of food and fun. Many high ranking San Diego City and Police officials were present to personally thank the patrol squads on the awesome jobs they do every day for their schools.
The main event was to award school patrols for their outstanding service and to announce the top 3 three ranking patrol kids in all of San Diego. Our own, Jasmine Rosario, was one of the three top ranked! She holds the rank of First Major. Jasmine had to fill out an application, write an essay on her goals for her life, and go through an interview with the police department. Our candidate spent a whole day with Officer Crenshaw, our patrol officer, traveling around the city, riding in the squad car, and checking out the different jobs required of police officers. Jasmine got through all of this process with flying colors. Congratulations Jasmine! Your community applauds your success.
Spotlight on Kindergarten
tree artwork
The kindergarten students are learning about trees in science.  They are doing some fun activities like art and reading.  While students were with the art teacher, the students created trees.  The students have been learning new vocabulary words like: leaves, branch, bark, trunk, and roots.  Also, they have been reading some non-fiction books about trees.  Students will also be observing trees on campus. The kindergarten students sure have learned a lot about trees.  We look forward to seeing them around campus learning and growing more each day!


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